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HayleyS July 7th, 2013 5:52pm

Are you usually happy to come home after a vacation?

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moonshot More often I know nothing
07/07/13 4:13 pm

I'll let you know in two weeks when I get back from Alaska.

Emily33 North Carolina
07/07/13 3:51 pm

Just got home from a vacation. Would have been more than happy to stay longer.

Kay41 the Midwest
07/07/13 2:37 pm

I always want a few more days!

FutureMD be nice to people
07/07/13 12:43 pm

Home sweet home! Especially after the vacation with my extended family. I got home yesterday - hallelujah.

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
07/07/13 11:50 am

If I never had to return home again, I wouldn't.

chrismisen atlanta
07/07/13 11:42 am

doesn't matter how great the place i just left is, coming home and sleeping on my bed is the best.

EarlyBird Portland
07/07/13 11:23 am

Yes, there's no place like home.

07/07/13 11:27 am

Click your ruby red heels together three times...

stickman46 NJ
07/07/13 11:13 am

I travel on business 7 - 10 per month add vacation I spent about 100 days in hotels. I love being home.

Rocker saved by grace
07/07/13 11:09 am

It really depends. I have been to Lexington, Kentucky and let me tell ya, it never felt so good to be home. Usually I would want at least one more day, though.

HayleyS looking up.
07/07/13 10:59 am

I just got home from a vacation. I hate leaving, but it is a nice feeling being home again.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/07/13 10:58 am

It depends on the vacation and how good the fishing was, but I like being home. We live not far from one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country, in an unpopulated and scenic area hidden in thick forest. Home is a vacation.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/07/13 4:20 pm

Mt Rainier. We live about 10 miles from the northwest (Carbon River) entrance to the park. The Olympic and North Cascades parks are beautiful too, and either is close enough to be an easy day trip. The whole state, minus Pugetropolis, is gorgeous.

07/07/13 10:54 am

The best feeling ever is coming home from vacation and just collapsing on my own bed with my own pillows and everything!