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wego July 4th, 2013 1:08am

My cousin is debating between these names. Newton is a name in her family, though she is a bit partial to Dexter. The last name is Richter.

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Nukimo NC Dreaming of Far Away
07/04/13 8:24 am

Dex is my suggestion between the two. I wouldn't want to be called Newt. Especially as a kid in school.

07/04/13 5:06 am

Too many ters. DexTER RichTER? Doesn't sound right to me.

Jayseph Wasatch Front
07/04/13 1:14 am

Probably "Dex" of the choices given. He may get teased a bit by both.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
07/03/13 10:29 pm

I hope she has a girl. Boys with these names will be teased mercilessly. With Dexter, at least he might be called Dex. Ray or Trey might be better middle names with her -ay sound.

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/13 8:45 pm

The girl names are cute. The boy names aren't as cute.

EarlyBird Portland
07/03/13 11:32 pm

How have you been Bama? I haven't seen you around much?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
07/04/13 12:16 am

I'm okay, EB. I've just been busy & haven't had much time to comment lately. Thanks for checking on me. Are you doing okay?

EarlyBird Portland
07/04/13 12:40 am

Yes, I'm hanging in there too :-)

07/03/13 7:53 pm

I know quite a few people whose last name is newton. Even they always had people calling them fig newton in school. So I would go with Dexter. Plus, then he can go by Dexter or Dex, both of which I like. The only real nickname for Newton is Newt.

raywygo Pittsburgh
07/03/13 7:20 pm

What kinda names r those?

07/03/13 7:07 pm

Dexter Richter is non-melodic. If they name him Newton, hopefully his nickname will be NJ and not Fig.

wego Utah
07/03/13 6:45 pm

I dislike Dexter too, especially with Richter. Newton isn't much better, just has the advantage of being a family name. She likes uncommon names. Please tell me suggestions so I can talk her out of Dexter!

fredd TrumpLand
07/03/13 6:38 pm

Dexter is now a great name for a future ethical (insofar as that's possible) serial killer.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
07/03/13 6:36 pm

DJ is a pretty cool nickname so nobody would ever need to know the name was Dexter. Both of these currently have negative connotations, but I just can't imagine the horror of being called "Newt".

wego Utah
07/03/13 6:42 pm

Yeah good point!

07/03/13 7:08 pm

I rather like Newt, even though I don't like the Gingrich one.

chickencookie Be my valentine
07/03/13 6:20 pm

What is wrong with your cousin. Horrible choices for girls and boys names but the boys choices are especially awful.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/03/13 6:18 pm

With Dexter and the last name he probably be teased and awful lot

flyonthewall Oklahoma
07/03/13 6:15 pm

Dexter Richter doesn't sound so good.

PAK the Armpit of Florida
07/03/13 6:13 pm

Dexter makes me think of the TV show serial killer.

jenks76 Western Kentucky
07/03/13 6:12 pm

My dog's name is Dexter if that influences your decision.