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montie July 4th, 2013 12:18am

Does Michigan on the show of hands map appear unseparated from the upper and Lower Peninsulas? It does for me and as a resident of Michigan it is bothering me.

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XercesBlue ...
07/03/13 10:05 pm

Lol! That bugs me now too! Thanks ;)

RepMorris Pennsylvania
07/03/13 9:55 pm

I'm from Pennsylvania and it's driving me nuts.

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 5:27 pm

There's a brand-new Results page, & on it there's definitely something wrong with Michigan, yes. I don't remember about the one that was there the last time I looked. (I have a very bad case of "out of sight, out of mind".) For one thing,...

susanr Colorado
07/03/13 5:28 pm

..the Keweenah Peninsula either doesn't exist, or more likely, there's some Lake Superior incorporated into the state. Might be part of the problem with the UP/LP division, as well (different lakes, though).

EagleOK Oklahoma
07/03/13 5:26 pm

Ask tony on the new question poll.