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Rocker June 30th, 2013 8:49pm

Have you ever pranked someone and it worked out really well? Please share!

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XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 5:37 pm

My bf started a prank war on me. He was really into pranks and I wasn't. Well.. I ended it by antiquing his room. Put flour of the fan. He couldn't stand the feeling of sand in his bed, so it worked out pretty well.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 5:38 pm

Also, put a hickey boulean cube in his shower head, put food coloring on one of his towels, and stuck an airhorn between the door and the wall so when he opened the door, it would scare the shit out of him.

XercesBlue ...
06/30/13 5:39 pm

The last one was my favorite (:

Rocker saved by grace
07/01/13 8:38 am

Care to share some of his pranks?

XercesBlue ...
07/01/13 8:54 am

Saran wrapped the toilet (girls notice these things very easily), put a stink bomb in the top part of the window in my car so when I rolled it up it would break and smell, he did one or two other things but I can't remember. He went very easy on me.

XercesBlue ...
07/01/13 8:56 am

I don't quite have the sense of humor for these things like he does. My first reaction is super angry crazy bitch, and then when I calm down I can appreciate it. His coworkers were trying to get him to do not okay ones.