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OSUAce August 17th, 2016 1:40am

Do you really think Hillary wants to take guns away, or require a background check?

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bringstheeagle Colorado
09/06/16 9:03 pm

Thanks for following back.

08/16/16 8:23 pm

She is under a lot of pressure and owes favors if elected. Lobbyists and special interest groups are giving her loads if money.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/16/16 8:35 pm

Another politician who is bought out and paid for.

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
08/16/16 7:35 pm

She's never said she does, contrary to somebody's speeches.

susanr Colorado
08/16/16 6:44 pm

I don't think there's a chance in hell that she wants to take guns away, certainly not from everyone) and even if she did, she certainly knows that there's no way that's going to happen.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/16/16 6:52 pm

She may not be able to directly take the guns away but she could certainly take gun rights away.

susanr Colorado
08/16/16 6:54 pm

No, she couldn't. Only in very limited ways (some sensible restrictions on purchases), and only with the cooperation of Congress.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/16/16 7:16 pm

Restrictions on purchases does take away gun rights because they prohibit people from purchasing guns and cuts into the fabric of the second amendment.

Clinton doesn't necessarily need Congress to make gun restrictions. She could just sign an executive order just like what Obama has been doing. It may not be constitutional but there are enough liberal justices in the SC to uphold it.