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SHIPPY1944 Tn.
08/22/16 5:34 pm

Oh please, SOH has asked everything about Trump except about his latest proctologist exam. Speaking of that your DemLib big "Biass" is showing, while Clinton gets her free "no questions asked stay out jail, lifetime pass".

JackQHu Durham, NC
08/15/16 8:29 pm

Hillary's laugh is worse.

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 8:37 pm

Eh. I really can't think of anything more obnoxious than his voice, even the stupidity in Paljn's, but I can understand how you feel about Clinton's.

I do myself a favor and try not to listen to any of them at all. Except when I want to hear what they actually said, so I know they're not being misquoted. Because that happens. To all of them. And I hate that, so I'm willing to listen, for that reason.

08/15/16 8:38 pm

That is where the media jumps in and takes what they say out of context. So annoying!

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 8:44 pm

Exactly. Selective editing, and then everybody piling on, making fun of, or hating, someone for something taken out of context. I don't care if it's someone I like or dislike, it's just wrong and unfair. I think they did it to Giuliani today (although even if they did apparently he still said something dumb) and I'm trying to find a longer clip.

JackQHu Durham, NC
08/15/16 8:58 pm

OANN is the most unbiased news source there is (except for their talk shows) They just tell the facts, and sometimes they do their own investigations.

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 10:19 pm

I've never heard of it; I'll take a look.