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xxxceo Nationalist
08/16/16 11:01 pm

8/29 my classes start. Graduating in December then time to retire.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/16/16 6:01 am

College, August. Public school, September.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
08/16/16 6:01 am

Don't know which one you mean by school.

garrettr Alabama
08/15/16 10:48 pm

Kids start in August. My two girls in city schools started the 9th and my daughter in county started yesterday (the 15th).

musiman28 Cotton country
08/15/16 8:42 pm

I haven't started school in 25 years. But my kids start next week.

XercesBlue ...
08/15/16 6:48 pm

Never.. Kids started 2 weeks ago though.

08/15/16 5:21 pm

One week from today. I finish my internship on Friday so that transition is going to be rough

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/15/16 4:02 pm

Depending on how late in september, that's the latest start I've heard of.

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
08/15/16 4:04 pm

I think its like the 27th but thats only because I'm (hopefully) starting uni, i would say 99.9% of schools in the UK that arent collages/ universities are starting in the first 2 weeks of September

17millionTwats Leeds, UK
08/15/16 4:21 pm

University, i only find out if I'm in on Thursday when we get our exam results

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
08/15/16 4:26 pm

Shorter summer, longer breaks. I prefer it.

butterflykiss ohio
08/15/16 1:48 pm

Back in the day. The first day of school was after Labor day. The kids in our area start early August.

susanr Colorado
08/15/16 1:19 pm

Late August, negative 19 years. (That was my last year of grad school, and I wasn't quite 51.)

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 1:08 pm

I'm still mad on how Swedish school have less hours and days of school! AND NO HW! Yet they score higher than everybody else! Let us just say that US doesn't have the best system when it comes to education! The GPA system is also very unfair in some aspects! Especially since sports and fine arts lower your GPA in a way!

Yessy French Texan
08/15/16 1:06 pm

Next week unfortunately

monkees19 New Jersey
08/15/16 1:00 pm

I always started school after Labor Day. Though, it's been some years since I've been IN school. But my kids still start in September.

Zach21 California
08/15/16 1:37 pm

I know kids who started on August 1st

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/15/16 4:02 pm

Ooooh. I thought you were talking about the date. 8th grade flies by. So does highschool. I remember at the end of eighth grade, we went to the highschool (which is across the street) and the principal there told us how fast highschool flies by. Boy was he right. I'm already going into my Junior year next month. Idk I just thought id share that lol

kawaiichan somewhere
08/15/16 1:40 pm

I mean this coming Monday silly

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/15/16 1:58 pm

My school starts after labor day on September 6th. I guess my school is late to the game. Everyone seems to be going to school in August.

kawaiichan somewhere
08/15/16 4:04 pm

Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 it can't be that bad

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/15/16 4:10 pm

It's not now, but when I start paying taxes, life in NJ will be hell especially if the Rod-Ham gets the presidency.

kawaiichan somewhere
08/15/16 4:17 pm

Haha well it'll all work out. I'm just glad it isn't as bad for u now then it was then :)

kawaiichan somewhere
08/15/16 4:23 pm

When u were paying taxes, you said it got better silly

Brandon2018 Stocks Are Overvalued
08/15/16 4:25 pm

I never paid taxes. I meant it isn't bad now (living in new jersey) but when I start to pay taxes, life here will be hell and my love for capitalism will strengthen.

kawaiichan somewhere
08/15/16 4:34 pm

Oooh sorry sorry I read way to fast. Well if u don't pay taxes enjoy yourself for now silly.