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augustin August 15th, 2016 5:25pm

The FBI will turn over to Congress their recorded notes from the 3.5 hour interview they had with Hillary Clinton regarding her emails and private server. Good or bad news for Clinton?

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corino Utah
08/15/16 12:01 pm

Let's hope Clinton told the FBI what she told Congress.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/15/16 11:40 am

Good because it will show she did nothing wrong.

08/15/16 10:53 am

Notes? How about the whole damn thing?

augustin Oklahoma
08/15/16 10:55 am

There was no transcript or recording of the interview.

skinner Jersey City
08/15/16 10:30 am

It's bad news for Clinton, because it keeps the email controversy in the headlines

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
08/15/16 10:35 am

I said good news because nothing will be in it- but damn, you're absolutely right.

rons Thanks America
08/15/16 10:50 am

Expect mostly black ( redacted) lines. Ex: Ms Clinton have you ever received an email from the State dept.? answer- ⬛️⬛️⬛️