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dm0704 August 13th, 2016 10:21pm

Are movements dedicated towards third genders and sexualities based more on making people accept them or forcing people to approve of them?

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dm0704 Las Vegas, Nevada
08/14/16 4:19 pm

I meant it as pushing for people to accept them and their lifestyle or pushing for people to give them a sense of approval and push legislature that they may be uncomfortable with that caters to their needs regardless of the moral majority.

susanr Colorado
08/13/16 3:28 pm

It's allowing people the dignity to live their lives without ridicule.

Or that's the idea anyway. Not working out so well because people aren't very accepting, and/or are buttheads.

dm0704 Las Vegas, Nevada
08/13/16 3:31 pm

Well I'll accept it if you're some kinda queer or something, that's your business, but nothing you do will ever make me think it's right.

08/14/16 10:03 am

That's why the Federal gov't is dictating who can go into bathrooms, and firing people who use pronouns with which they disagree. Acceptance and tolerance is that last thing that the progressives want. They want control.

GingerFascist Ireland
08/13/16 3:25 pm

Forcing approval with really nothing to back up their claims.