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RealOJ August 10th, 2016 10:28pm

Do you feel that the Mormon religion (LDS, or Mormonism) is too shrouded in secrecy and brainwashes it's members?

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ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/10/16 7:28 pm

Hi there Mormon here. No it's not a cult. I'm free to leave the faith at any point in time if I choose to. And regarding the temple only members who are worthy and living the church standards can enter the temple. It's a sacred place and we would like to keep it that way. We believe that it's the house of the Lord. We go to the temple to make promises to God and Jesus Christ, and if a person isn't ready or worthy to enter and fully understand those promises that a member of the church makes in the temple then it wouldn't make sense for that person to go and participate.

08/10/16 7:31 pm

You must've not read my comments :)

ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/10/16 7:34 pm

I read your comments. Just wanted to get that off my chest haha this is the second thing I've seen today about temples. I served my mission in philly and got home less than two years ago so everyone has been talking about the new temple.

08/10/16 7:37 pm

It's definitely an exciting thing whether I fully support the church or not. My step-brother is on a mission in Denver right now and I honestly wouldn't be able to do that. My views of the church is that it should just be a lot more accepting and open with pretty much everything

ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/10/16 7:40 pm

What area of NJ are you in? I served for 4 months in Medford NJ. I aee what you're saying about the church being open about everything. But what would you like the church to share? I mean...they're not gonna go into a ton of detail about the things we do in the temple. But the open house is the time for you and your friends to see everything on the inside of one..and ask questions too.

08/10/16 7:47 pm

I'm in Cherry Hill 2nd

ShawPPM1214 Washington
08/10/16 8:06 pm

Nice! Not to far from where I was.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 3:32 pm

How is it shrouded in secrecy?

08/10/16 3:33 pm

Have you ever seen the inside of a Mormon temple in person?

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 3:39 pm

Yep. I've visited many temples around the world and visit one every month. What's your point?

08/10/16 3:43 pm

The point is why can't regular people go in? Why do you have to be a baptized Mormon and have your temple recommend to even see one in person?

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 3:49 pm

Because the church likes to keep the temple as a clean, holy place for members who are following the gospel and obeying the commandments. Doesn't mean you are not allowed to join the church. All you have to do is get baptized, become a member, and talk to the bishop about getting a temple recommend. Everybody is welcome.

08/10/16 4:09 pm

So essentially, you have to join the cult to go into the cultist temple. Really welcoming.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 4:32 pm

Well if that's what you think of it, then I'm not sure why you are curious about the temple. Are you really that interested in learning about temples or are you just looking for something to attack because you're bored?

You don't have to be a member to visit the church. Give it a shot and see what you think. Like a I said, everybody is welcome.

08/10/16 4:34 pm

I've been raised in the church and I'm seeing the Philadelphia temple soon. I just simply feel that the church should be more open and accepting towards other people.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/10/16 6:23 pm

So you're both Mormon? Interesting to see the different perspectives from you.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 8:06 pm

I find it interesting that a Mormon would attack his own religion.

08/10/16 8:10 pm

I'm not "attacking" the religion. I'm attacking it's ethics and the way it does things. I don't agree with no gays or lesbians unless they suppress their feelings. I don't agree with the temple only letting in "proven" Mormons. I don't agree with the hierarchy design of the church. I don't agree with seminary. I don't agree with the fact that Mormons essentially think that they're the "chosen ones" and everyone else is screwed and wrong.

mpurple oh no. trump won.
08/10/16 8:45 pm

OJ isn't a sheep. Question everything.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 10:55 pm

Well due to what you just posted you are essentially attacking the church. Earlier you called the church a cult. You can disagree with the ethics all you want but mocking the church isn't going to do you any good. It benefits nobody.

Mormons don't believe they are the chosen ones and that everybody else is screwed up. Your premise is wrong. They just want to practice their own religion just like everybody else. America is a country with religious freedom. We share similar values with other religions such as Catholics, Evangelicals, Methodists, Buddhists, and many more. We all believe in God and that the world is a better place with his teachings. Just because a group of people believe in one thing doesn't mean everything else is wrong to them.

08/10/16 10:58 pm

a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
"the cult of St. Olaf"
a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.
"a network of Satan-worshiping cults"
synonyms: sect, denomination, group, movement, church, persuasion, body, faction
"a religious cult"
a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
"a cult of personality surrounding the leaders"
synonyms: obsession with, fixation on, mania for, passion for, idolization of, devotion to, worship of, veneration of
"the cult of eternal youth in Hollywood"

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 11:02 pm

There are some things I don't agree with the church myself. I don't understand why women only get serve a mission for 1.5 years while men get to serve for two years.

If you really do have questions about the church or if you have problems with the ethics, you should talk to the leaders such as the President and the elders. You can also write letters to them.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 11:05 pm

Cult ‘“ a new religious movement that has a limited number of followers and whose practices may or may not be mysterious and possible unsavory.
Religion ‘“ a method of thought that is meant to give meaning to man’s life by putting him in communion with a higher power through stories, rituals, and beliefs.

Patriot77 Wyoming
08/10/16 11:07 pm

If it was really a cult, you wouldn't be free to choose to leave the church, there would be no such thing as missionaries sharing the gospel and gods teachings, and conferences would not be televised because a cult is a secrecy group that never allows its members to leave.