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DatRepublican August 10th, 2016 1:17pm

Do you think that facism is just a more nationalized form of socialism?

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Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 1:56 pm

Fascism identifies as 3rd positionist, neither capitalist nor socialist.

08/10/16 10:59 am

Fascism and socialism are the same thing except for the ownership of production. This is used (in fascism) to lay blame on private sector when things go wrong. Both are authoritarian and use power over the masses

Linc100 Michigan
08/10/16 8:48 am

Nazism is a mixture of fascism and socialism like in Nazi Germany, which is what you are thinking about.

08/10/16 11:00 am

Naziism is a mix of socialism/fascism and nationalism (Nazi = nationalist socialists)

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/10/16 8:14 am

Fascism is opposed to socialism. Fascists believe in loosely regulated free markets so long as the products benefit and glorify the state.

08/10/16 12:52 pm

Try reading up on governments

08/10/16 12:53 pm

Your description of fascism and socialism are wrong

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/10/16 1:24 pm

I have, and they're not. Care to provide any insight or just blanket contradiction?

08/10/16 1:52 pm

See above: Fascism and socialism are the same except for the ownership of production. This is so that the gov can blame the private sector when things go wrong.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 1:55 pm

It depends on the Fascist, you either have those who believe in corporatism, or Syndicalism depending oh how far left you are economically.

08/10/16 1:59 pm

The left always says that fascism is on the right (Nazi) and socialism is on the left. That is wrong. They are almost identical, ergo the book "liberal fascism". But nazis were not fascists, they were socialists. Obama is a stated fascist.
I love how democrats don't take people/ groups at their word: Nazi = nationalist socialists, but democrats call them right leaning fascists. Isis = Islamic radicals, but democrats say they are job seeking kids and are not Islamic. Go figure.

08/10/16 2:00 pm

That's the point Luftwaffe. It doesn't matter, they are the same as socialists/communists

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 2:01 pm

They're socially conservative, and economically leftist. Saying they're like the Modern Democratic party is a bit of a hyperbole. If anything, they'd identify as 3rd positionist.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 2:02 pm

Also, Fascism rose as an opposition to Communism, not as a similarity to it.

08/10/16 2:29 pm

1- I didn't compare democrats to fascists/socialists. I said they don't take people T their word
2- whether fascists started as opposition or not, they became the same thing

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 2:57 pm

How? Fascism takes in Nationalism, and ancient traditions. Communism tries to destroy both those things. If anything Fascism is more related to the Roman Empire not the Soviet Union.

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/10/16 3:48 pm

Comparing Nazism and socialism because someone translator decided to give them similar names is incredibly disingenuous.
Nationalsocialism is the same as Socialism in the same way buckeyes are the same as eyeballs.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 4:05 pm

Joseph Goebbels stated:

"As Socialists we're opposed to Jews, because we see in them the incarnation of Capitalism, of the misuse of the nation's goods."

So in a way the National Socialist party of Germany was opposed to International Capitalism, and Marxist Socialism. Their economic system was just poor Keynesian planning that would have put the country into recession had it not been for the war.

Although pure National Socialism is reffered to as Strasserism, which was actually Nationalism mixed with Marxist Socialism like it was orginally intended to be.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
08/10/16 4:09 pm

Also this debate is about Fascism, not National Socialism. I don't know how we hot here.

08/10/16 4:11 pm

Keynesian planning is always poor (the wrong medicine)

08/10/16 4:11 pm

Because they are the same in many ways

JJJSchmidt San Marcos
08/10/16 4:15 pm

It's true. Nazism was inspired directly by Mussolini's Fascism. In fact in practice most totalitarian systems end up looking similar which is why I can be difficult to distinguish their left-right alignment.