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ikeurban21 August 8th, 2016 7:07pm

An individual pollster didn't believe that the media has honest polling (special interests). After getting a pool 1000 people per state (total of 50,000), and Donald Trump was winning 33478 (66%) to Hillary 9788 (19%). Thoughts?

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MyRedSkirt Cali
08/09/16 9:20 am

Very possible. BUT the opposite is just as likely. Just call low income, high minority areas & Hillary will rank higher. Call wealthy, whites & Trump will rank higher.

CMD1973 Oxford iowa
08/08/16 1:57 pm

I doubt if an individual could conduct a poll of that magnitude. Polling requires hundred of people, plus demographic studies. Very untrustworthy.

ikeurban21 B L C
08/08/16 5:54 pm

He has a group. I meant individual as in the idea. That would be crazy calling 50,000 by himself

UniversePlan Michigan
08/08/16 1:47 pm

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SupremeDolphin They.them
08/08/16 1:45 pm

I doubt it, but we'll see in November. God I hope he doesn't win in a landslide.

political Georgia
08/08/16 12:45 pm

I think there are way more Hillary supporters out there than indicated by that data.

GingaNinja43 Indiana
08/08/16 12:18 pm

This doesn't take the populations of each state into perspective. Republicans always win more states, so if each state had the same representation then sure.

ikeurban21 B L C
08/08/16 12:33 pm

True, but big polls still do an equal amount in each state as well