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Brandon2018 April 13th, 2016 2:28pm

Inspired by past experience: have you ever seen a helicopter crash?

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04/13/16 3:38 pm

Seen quite a few while in the Marines.

susanr Colorado
04/13/16 11:04 am

No. I lived across the street from a hospital helipad for 12 years and the helicopters often went over my apartment building. It always sounded as if they were going to crash, because the rectangular central court amplified the sound so much it seemed they were right outside my windows.

I couldn't see the helipad unless I went outside (my windows all faced the courtyard, not the street), so I missed the one time when it actually crashed landed. Nobody was hurt, fortunately, but all the helicopters were grounded for a while.

chinito Florida
04/13/16 7:33 am

Nope, but I knew someone that died in a helicopter crash.