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TheCommunist April 10th, 2016 3:39pm

USSR a state capitalist? (SC) or a state socialist? (SS)

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Romzy sic semper tyrannus
04/10/16 1:44 pm

I was a little of both, and it depends on who the leader was. Lenin was more of a true socialist who believed In the Marxist call for a "global socialist revolution" but he died too early. Stalin believed in "socialism in one country" in addition to an appetite for power and subsequent leaders never really changed that. They had to export to keep up with the world economy, but really only exported weapons. The population still had welfare and govt run industries providing services for them, which is very socialistic. But the govt tried to run everything, but there was no free markets. So really it was more state socialism but there were traits of state capitalism later in the USSRs history. A good country to call state capitalism is modern day China, who has a free market albeit highly regulated.

LeftLibertarian The Age of Outrage
04/10/16 1:19 pm

I'd say state capitalist trying but failing to transition. I'd say Yugoslavia was state socialist as worker control was partly seen

Bostonfan39 Central Mass
04/10/16 10:52 am

Socialism is the worst form of government (besides communism) known to man

Romzy sic semper tyrannus
04/10/16 1:37 pm

Literally communism is an extreme form of socialism. In practice it became tyrannical and warped it's true purpose.

DoctorWasdarb Marxist Leninist Maoist
04/10/16 9:15 am

It's like capitalism, except the owner of all the revenue and the means of production belongs to the state instead of individuals. Both are shitty.

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
04/10/16 8:43 am

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

I'm assuming it was state Socialism.

gow488 Korea
04/10/16 8:56 am

Under that logic North Korea is a democracy because their official name is The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Luftwaffe South of Heaven
04/10/16 9:06 am

Under Lenin's regime it was State Socialist, and under Stalin it became State collectivism with almost the majority getting the same shitty wages

Romzy sic semper tyrannus
04/10/16 2:25 pm

Gow a democracy only means it's run by the majority of people, or in N Korea, the communist party. Same goes for China. The US us a democratic republic, where the majority party can gain seats in the legislative, judicial or executive branches. They are voted in using a republican system were the people vote. Our system is more legit than theirs is, however.