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Praetorianus April 10th, 2016 4:30am

Do you think the United States will be involved in a major war during this century that involves an actual attack or invasion of the mainland?

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fredd TrumpLand
04/10/16 10:33 pm

Of the continental United States? It's hard to think of any countries which would be harder to invade.

PresWK Minnesota
04/10/16 9:33 pm

No entity would ever make the strategic mistake of trying to invade the country with the most gun owners in the world

Preox Earth
04/10/16 8:55 pm

There's going to be a very low chance of a war on the scale of the world wars happening.Conflicts like Vietnam or Korea though are going to be the types of conflicts that will be happening.

Kudoss Fascism, White Supremacy
04/10/16 6:15 pm

No, the wars of this century will mostly be between groups of people rather than countries

TheRealHunter Evangelical Atheist
04/10/16 1:19 pm

No countries would even think about invading the US in earnest due to the armed populous.

liam2013 iowa
04/10/16 8:52 am

Major war of the past will become less likely. Terrorist wars, revolutions, and cyber wars will become more common.

garrry Anchorite
04/10/16 8:41 am

The US is the only nation cureently prepared to invade any foreign country for a sustained period of time. Invade not attack. And the potential right now for insurgency is high with our guns so any occupying force would have a difficult time.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
04/10/16 5:32 am

If the democrats get their way with gun laws, I think it's very likely.

CDUBS Dallas, Tx
04/10/16 1:04 pm

Yep give Hillary the chance. I think the revolution will happen prior to this happening.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
04/10/16 5:21 am

I doubt another country will attack us on our soil, but there's no telling what non-state entities will do.

04/10/16 5:18 am

It doesn't seem like it, but we're living in the most peaceful time in human history. Large scale treaties and overall reputation would prevent countries like the U.S. From going to war with another major country for the most part

garrry Anchorite
04/10/16 8:36 am

Every 10 years. That's the rule of thumb btw. We have a war every 10 years.

04/10/16 10:09 am

The last war that the U.S. Was directly invaded (aside from Pearl Harbor) was the war of 1812, over 200 years ago. This poll is not about wars in general, but a war in which the U.S. Is invaded

garrry Anchorite
04/10/16 4:11 pm

Yeah but you make it sound like we're not going to do it again. Its coming. And your right few have ever attempted to attack the US directly but if you look at the strategy of Al Quaeda their opening offensive was 9/11 it's not going to be an army.

ronderman North Carolina
04/10/16 4:06 am

If you count 9-11 as an attack on the mainland, then yes. I expect another attack on the mainland.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
04/10/16 12:43 am

It could happen...and even sooner than most would imagine.

goldz oh this world
04/09/16 9:56 pm

Not likely, but very possible.

We have no idea what the world will be like in fifty years. No idea. I'd say it's probably unlikely we'll be directly attacked just because it hasn't happened for over seventy years, but otherwise I don't know.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/09/16 10:12 pm

A reasonable assumption. Predictions have failed many times because they only can extrapolate the present. For example, old SF novels predicted us to venture into space using slide rules but failed to predict smart phones.

gow488 Korea
04/09/16 9:47 pm

I doubt it. The amount of wars occurring worldwide have been declining because it's bad for business and fellow democracies don't fight each other.

AmericanWolf For the Benefit of All
04/09/16 9:38 pm

In that case, almost certainly not.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
04/09/16 9:33 pm

I doubt it. China could try but they are doing well economically and have a large volume of trade with the US, so why would they?