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MediaBlackout April 9th, 2016 1:45pm

Black Lives Matter often stand in opposition to police brutality due to its negative effect on blacks, but are often silent when black on black murders occur. Does BLM really care about black lives? Or do they only care if it fits their narrative?

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pauldabb85 Orlando
04/10/16 12:03 pm

Black on black crime is a high statistic. Just like white on white is a high statistic. So is Hispanic on Hispanic.

I hate it when people cite the black on black crime statistic because of course that number is going to be high. Crimes are committed within the communities that you live in and the circle of friends you have. It's simple sociology that black people hang around other black people, just like its more likely for white people to hang around other white people. So when a crime is committed, it's most likely going to be within your race. 83% of white murder victims were killed by white suspects but I don't see anybody calling that an epidemic.

pauldabb85 Orlando
04/10/16 12:01 pm

And yet the All Lives Matter movement doesn't do anything about murders at all. Your point?