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HonestyIsBest April 4th, 2016 2:42pm

So, finally, The Donald has detailed his "Make America Great Again" theory. He says America was great right after World War 2 and into the 50's. What's your opinion about these times?

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EarlyBird Portland
04/04/16 5:39 pm

Other than social issues, I agree.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
04/04/16 5:34 pm

Not so different than what we have today with the exception of no domestic industry to speak of. They had the "Red Scare," we have "Radicalized Muslims." They had oppressed minorities, we still do. They were fighting endless wars, we seem to be continuing the trend. The only meaningful difference is firms that produced here that made the masses docile and happy are now manufacturing in some other country. Trump is doing an amazing job at pointing the blame for our masses being increasingly poor in the wrong direction. How many would-be dictators have we seen do exactly the same thing?

04/04/16 4:14 pm

Not a time I'd want to live in.

04/04/16 4:16 pm

Not all bad though, at least women and blacks knew their place!

04/04/16 7:09 pm

Of course!

Sk8BoredR Asian American warrior
04/04/16 7:09 pm

Don't forget us Asians too!

Bobnpt The Ocean State
04/04/16 3:21 pm

Bad policies got us into an arms race and civil rights was non-existent. The 50's were kind of scary.

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
04/04/16 7:46 am

Speaking from a personal view, my grandparents used to tell me about those times and living in the South. You can keep your 40s and 50's AND 60s!

04/04/16 8:22 am

Yeah. America was great if you weren't black, Latino, or a Southern European immigrant. No thanks.

shygal47 Florida east coast
04/04/16 8:29 am

I have to agree with you, Honesty. My first thought was it was great and then I remembered all the horror of the civil rights movement. Those years were great for some, but God-awful terrible for others. Don't want a repeat of those years!

LibArtie SW Connecticut
04/04/16 10:22 am

...or female!

JackBardash socialist antinationalist
04/04/16 7:46 am

It was good. Too good. So good that too many people decided to have kids, and those kids are now ruining social security for everyone else.