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Tariq88 Utah
04/04/16 3:39 am

Yes, but because these individuals happen to be violent and extreme, but because they are Muslims and/or refugees.

Tariq88 Utah
04/04/16 3:42 am

...and not if all they did was protest or shout, but if it escalates into violence then sure.

Tariq88 Utah
04/04/16 3:45 am

But not because they are Muslims and/or refugees*

Think Lovin Life
04/04/16 10:32 pm

Tariq ... you make terroristic threats and you're gone. We shouldn't have to wait for the bombs to explode or the rapes to occur.

If you're in the country seeking asylum and you make terroristic threats and you're gone before the sun goes down. Period.

04/03/16 5:32 am

Round up everyone who was at that rally, brand their faces so we'll immediately know if they come back, put them in a shipping container, and airdrop that shipping container over their countries of origin.

04/03/16 2:23 am

Who is this talking about?

Think Lovin Life
04/04/16 10:32 pm

Follow the link in the question!

Xemanis Lawful Good
04/02/16 3:47 pm

If they won't bother to execute them, them yes

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/02/16 2:05 pm

Even more dangerous than these people are the white people in government who are actively trying to commit cultural suicide.

EarlyBird Portland
04/02/16 3:14 pm

I can't, for the life of me understand it.

TrumpFan123 Fort Lauderdale
04/02/16 3:46 pm

There part of the NWO

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 1:55 pm

Wow you must really like playing Devil's Advocate

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 2:08 pm

They didn't act on anything right? All they did was chant.

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 2:11 pm

Look, I don't even know if they are citizens or not. It says Turkish nationalists but they could still be citizens. Second all they did was march, if any committed an act of violence and were not citizens, then I would not argue against deportation.

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 2:28 pm

They're shouting treasonous chants against the state and for their caliphate. They came to take over and people have known this years ahead of time

ProjectFND USA
04/02/16 2:32 pm

I struggle with this. I agree. They haven't done anything but chant, but it's strange to have a group who are announcing they are going to destroy you. They're so dang sneaky. It's like the bully down the street standing in front of you, repeatedly pounding his fist into his palm and staring you down. Run and hide? Tell your mom? Pray he moves?

I think what's difficult here is it's a threat to take us out, not just a chant to improve human rights, like in the 1960s/70s. It's just uncomfortable.

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 2:37 pm

You don't know what they are shouting unless you can understand the language. Turkey is not a caliphate. It says Turkish nationalists and they have Turkish flags. Not ISIS flags.

I agree that it's not a good chant, but I think you can't punish them for just doing what they did.

PamGH SW Washington
04/02/16 2:56 pm

Combine the "only chant" with terrorist attack and heavy ISIS recruitment and I say "only a chant" is cause for concern. Hell I'd boot them out of my country if it was me calling the shots.

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 3:00 pm

So these specific people are committing terrorist attacks and recruiting for ISIS? What proof do you have of that. Don't you think if they were recruiting for ISIS that they would be waving ISIS flags instead of Turkish flags?

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 3:02 pm

It's called probable cause, and there's a lot of it out the wazoo

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 3:09 pm

I don't think you understand the meaning of probable cause

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 3:11 pm

No I do, I just didn't know what else to say. They've been shouting the same message all across the Middle East and they've been trying to take over the world for a few hundred years

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 3:34 pm

People of all races have tried to take over the world. Don't act like it's just Muslims.

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 3:36 pm

And we should treat them all the same. They aren't allowed in the country

Yankeemike Sell the Knicks Dolan
04/02/16 3:45 pm

Ok I'm done. It's quite apparent you dislike Muslims and will generalize them as a whole.

TrumpFan123 Fort Lauderdale
04/02/16 3:49 pm

Stfu Libtard. Christian nuns aren't screaming God is great beheading people and burning people alive! ITS THE MUSLIMS! That's why I'm voting Trump he's the only candidate that won't let these animals in.

ikeurban21 B L C
04/02/16 3:50 pm

No, lots of them are peaceful. You're implying stuff about me now. Lots of these refugees have caused Europe a lot of grief in Sweden and Germany

04/03/16 5:36 am

Mike, nobody is talking about all Muslims.
This particular group is chanting treasonous and threatening stuff. I think it's reasonable to take them at their word and treat them as threats to the country they're threatening.
Rounding up these particular people, not "all Muslims" is perfectly rational.

Think Lovin Life
04/04/16 10:36 pm

MrMD ... Exactly! Mike ... nobody cares about their religion. The key is that they're asylum seekers who are making terroristic threats. They're deported before the sun goes down, before the bombs go off and before the rapes occur! We don't need to wait for the horrors to hit!

Leftists coddling of the bad asylum seekers is what hurts the good asylum seekers chances of a better life.