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gonzoboy April 2nd, 2016 3:16pm

Every time I tell myself I won't be fooled again...

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EarlyBird Portland
04/02/16 11:57 am

Haha!!! 😂😂😂
Love it!!

political Georgia
04/02/16 12:57 pm

This is almost as bad as talking to some hot girl and then her boyfriend shows up.

04/02/16 11:25 am

Put down the YouTube before you hurt yourself, gonzo.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 11:31 am

IKR?! I mean, some of the rabbit holes one can descend into, when you're actually trying to get OUT!

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
04/02/16 11:21 am

I mean really, I was eating

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 11:36 am

Humble apologies, blue! At this point, though, it's unlikely I can do anything to 'unring' the bell. I only hope you can keep your meal 'down'...😰

political Georgia
04/02/16 9:10 am

That is the most disappointing commercial ever.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 9:24 am

Well, now, all this tells me is that before the commercial ended, you weren't a bit disappointed!😜

political Georgia
04/02/16 9:29 am

In hindsight, it was just gross.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 10:08 am

Well, quit lookin' behind you. You're liable to miss something tight in front of you, and stumble!

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 10:10 am

Darn it, political, that was supposed "right", man, "...right in front of you"! Geeeez...!🙄

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 10:23 am

"...supposed *to read* right"!

You see, THIS is what happens when you ya ain't payin' attention out the front windshield!

political Georgia
04/02/16 12:55 pm

Having a little trouble there, Gonzo?

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 1:06 pm

A little?... 🙄

political Georgia
04/02/16 1:22 pm

It's okay. Trump has had a bad week too! 😏

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 1:31 pm

Yeah, but there's a not-so-nuanced difference. I can bounce back from my bad week and get back to where I was before I mangled all my comments.
Not only does Trump bounce back, he keeps gettin' better and stronger, man! And, of course, he'll be lettin' us all know about it! Oh Trump, you're so incorrigible!😆

political Georgia
04/02/16 1:35 pm

I love his adjectives.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 2:06 pm

political, if he gets past this last week, he's liable to unleash adjectives we didn't know existed. I'm ready to take notes!

political Georgia
04/02/16 2:13 pm

It's going to be YUGE!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/02/16 8:53 am

WOW! I would have never guessed that wasn't a female!

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/02/16 9:39 am

It kind of reminded me of being a drama & doing make up for plays & how truly beautiful some guys were when we put them in make up! 😁

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 10:13 am

Well, that reminds me of a little story about when my Pa and brother were out for the evening, and it was just me at home with my Ma, and two of her girlfriends...😬

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/02/16 1:59 pm

I haven't seen the video yet. I take it it's a case of transitional fraud.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 2:15 pm

Okie, I'm not saying this to tease you into watching it, but I assure you there is NO fraud here, no trick photography, or special transitional effects. Honestly, you are NOT missing out on a thing here, but neither is there any content that would compromise a trained Christian conscience.🙂

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/02/16 2:18 pm

I said, Yes, because you are led to believe you are seeing one thing, but you are seeing another. This is not like the video I posted, so you should be fine watching it...honestly, from a Christian standpoint... I don't think anyone would lust...even an age appropriate opposite gender. 😁

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/02/16 2:18 pm

I've not seen it because today is a semiannual conference of the church and I'm busy watching live broadcasts from church headquarters. By "transitional" I'm referring to a person who is attempting to transition genders. Is that what this is about?

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
04/02/16 2:21 pm

No...just being deceptive to sale a car.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
04/02/16 2:23 pm

Oh. Your initial statement said something about a female. I'll watch it later. 😀

Diogenes Not Biden It
04/02/16 8:28 am

I think of W. "Fool me once, don't get fooled again!"

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 8:36 am

I like that one! A great "W"-ism...

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 8:34 am

Tilt, I got nuthin' for ya, man!... 🙂

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 9:22 am

"She had the body of a Venus, Lord imagine my surprise."
That doesn't amble too far astray!

liam2013 iowa
04/02/16 8:18 am

Start seeing a woman as people and not objects and you won't get burned.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
04/02/16 8:21 am

But, but I didn't...😕
Objects aren't NEARLY as hot!
He's beautiful!🙂

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
04/02/16 1:37 pm

"Start seeing a woman as people and not objects and you won't get burned. "

Where did that come from?