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cindy1897 December 19th, 2015 1:35am

Do you have an interest in something that you know other people would think is weird? (If you're not shy, share it, I highly doubt anyone will know you on here anyways, plus, you might see other people who like whatever it is you do. 😊)

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leilu SoCal
12/18/15 11:55 pm

I love ocean basalts (that's the rock that forms the deep ocean floors).

evoecon nearest binary system
12/18/15 10:03 pm

I like reading textbooks. Especially very old/vintage books.

slickspin Heart of Texas
12/18/15 9:39 pm

I'm a guy and I'm fascinated by makeup and nail polish....I don't want to wear it and it's not sexual, just interesting.....

kelsey498 Colorado
12/18/15 10:52 pm

There's plenty of male makeup artists who just find it all very interesting and artistic. Not that weird :-)

12/18/15 9:37 pm

Yes . . . I dress up as a duck, go into the scumiest neighborhood there is, and tease all the drug dealers about selling "quack"!!

mugendraco Alabama
12/18/15 9:13 pm

I like anything that's different, weird, or unique. Normal, everyday, and regular bore me. I think that's why I like indie games so much. Most of them are very simple, but provide gameplay or stories that are so far outside of what we usually see in mainstream games.

Patriot2nd freedom
12/18/15 7:52 pm

Boy has an Xbox one. I picked up a controller one day and now I own one of my own.

liam2013 iowa
12/18/15 6:45 pm

I like answering polls on "Show of Hands".

cindy1897 Minnesota
12/18/15 6:53 pm

I think that can go for all of us :)

cindy1897 Minnesota
12/18/15 6:36 pm

I think mobile dating sims are pretty entertaining 😆