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PamGH December 12th, 2015 2:27am

Suspended child. Texas: 2,513 preK suspensions - 36,753 K thru 2nd grade suspensions - 49,044 3rd thru 5th grade suspensions. In school suspensions 193,819 preK - 5th grade. What the hell is going on? Can't learn if not in class.

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rons Thanks America
12/12/15 11:41 am

Parents are MIA.

12/11/15 8:20 pm

It's not the rules. Kids will have to follow rules their entire lives. It's not always the teachers. I will say there are some teachers who don't pick their battles appropriately but generally a suspension is a result of some sort of negative behavior. That's on the kid. Some examples would be physical violence or violent acts or threats, weapons brought to school, inappropriate touch, etc. these were all things that occurred as early as k. Teachers in regular Ed aren't equipped to deal with these new behavioral phenomena because it's not covered in grad school or they've found themselves in a setting where bad behavior is the norm. The solution is to teach teachers how to manage environments and mitigate behaviors and not escalate. All this while imploring behavior modification. Not enough adult bodies to go around :(

12/11/15 8:50 pm

I'm sure there are exaggerations but Pam, trust me when I say you need the whole picture. For example. Kid comes to school with steak knife with a plan to kill all the adults. Plan is deemed well thought out and student deemed capable of carrying out plan. He's banned from bringing any weapon or making any weapon or fashioning any weapon out of common objects. He fashions a candy cane into an extremely sharp point. He then tries to make other stabbing type weapons out of classroom objects. He pisses in a bottle and mixes it with ice tea and tries to serve it to an adult. He brings his ADHD medication to school to try to slip it in someone's drink. Anyone he can hurt. Does any of that sound innocent?

12/11/15 8:54 pm

And this was an inner city school, child was also 9. Kids in these schools aren't biting pop tarts into gun shapes or growing their hair long or getting suspended for sexual harassment. These are extremely violent children with no moral compass.

PamGH SW Washington
12/11/15 9:06 pm

Certainly not. But the over use of zero tolerance has lead to some ridiculous cases and they don't seem to be isolated.

12/11/15 9:09 pm

I think, and this is my professional opinion, a lot of these zero tolerance incidents are in districts that don't have a real baseline for legitimate suspension worthy offenses.

12/11/15 7:57 pm

It's the crazy kids!

EricMichael Casket Raider
12/11/15 7:36 pm

School to prison pipeline. It's mass incarceration, zero tolerance/tough on crime policies mirrored to the school system. Takes away teachers discretion just as we did with judges by enforcing sentencing guidelines.

Brilliant10 Ioway
12/11/15 7:30 pm

Neither one? Students need to be punished for doing things wrong and it's not easy to give elementary students detention after school

jlong105 Indiana
12/11/15 7:33 pm

I have to agree with this. What is the alternative? Leave these kids in class so they can ruin the teachers attempt at educating the rest of the class?

PamGH SW Washington
12/11/15 7:38 pm

This many? How many is too many? Do you have any criteria by which you could say this is way out of hand?

LostTexan42 Deal With It
12/11/15 7:48 pm

Agree with the idea that removing a trouble maker helps the other students. It's not the job of teachers to focus on one child at the expense of others. I am disappointed in this clearly biased poll.

The solution to this is not to remove discipline from the children. It's to get the parents more involved. A student causing distractions with inappropriate clothing needs to be removed. That inappropriate clothing was bought and worn with the OK of the parents. They're as much to blame if not more than the child. When growing up in a Texas district, all parents were required to sign a student code of conduct at the beginning of the year. Teaching a student that there is consequences for their actions or inactions is a very important lesson in life.

jlong105 Indiana
12/11/15 9:21 pm

Parents don't want to be involved. They just stick the kid in front of the Xbox to play Grand Theft Auto all day while they're suspended.