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Brilliant10 Ioway
12/11/15 8:44 pm

Actual common core math-Brilliant! What media says common core math is-terrible

butterflykiss ohio
12/11/15 7:50 pm

Common Core is the worst. If you are able to home school please do so. Private school seem to be infected by it as well.

Brilliant10 Ioway
12/11/15 8:45 pm

Why do you believe common core is 'the worst'?

12/11/15 6:10 pm

What don't you like about it?

CowHick See 8ch
12/11/15 6:26 pm

Teachers I've spoken with don't like it. I think that it's more challenging but that's not a bad thing.

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
12/11/15 6:32 pm

A friend of mine had some interesting things to say about it.

12/11/15 6:40 pm

No I mean like actual reasons. What separates common core math from standard math. None of this "I know someone who doesn't like it and I guess I'll base my opinion off of them." Why don't you personally like it?

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
12/11/15 7:30 pm

Because, now I'm going to have to home school my kids.

12/11/15 7:35 pm

Reverse causality. Your homeschooling because you don't like common core. Common core doesn't force you to home school. Is there really nothing at all you guys take issue with?

lovesquirt Hawkeyes
12/11/15 7:39 pm

Home and private school.

12/11/15 7:45 pm

Do you understand my question?