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JoshT December 11th, 2015 11:19pm

Isn't it weird that California has the most strictest gun law in the state's, but yet had the biggest mass shooting this year?

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elianastar FreeSpeech
12/11/15 8:14 pm

Laws/rules/regulations are only effective for ppl able/willing to obey them.

Ppl who take guns to gun-free zones & elsewhere intent to kill ppl - for ideological or Wingnut reasons - are unable/unwilling to obey them.

Only reasonable answer: more good guys trained/armed/willing - on site - to take them out asap & minimize destruction.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/11/15 8:17 pm

Few, if any, mass shooters have used illegally obtained weapons. But such facts & reasoning doesn't stop the "gun control" proponents from demanding further restrictions on the rights of law *abiding/responsible* gun owners.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/11/15 11:50 pm

"Few, if any, *mass* shooters have used illegally obtained weapons."

As a matter of fact, I have lived in a dangerous barrio.

jvc1133 61535
12/11/15 7:53 pm

They's gots all the records. 🤓

Iamamerican California
12/11/15 7:10 pm

We have to go through more hoops, pay several fees and wait ten days, but we can buy guns in California. The two Muslim terrorists had guns that were purchased legally.

inge MIA
12/11/15 7:25 pm

Exactly. Also, our border States aren't that far away... A lot of people here make the trip to Nevada for things they can't get here.

Xemanis Lawful Good
12/11/15 4:47 pm

No. It is a factor.