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Show Of Hands August 4th, 2011 12:00am

If you were elected President, would you focus more on appealing to your political base, or reaching "across the aisle?"

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08/11/11 11:09 am

Aquamom22; the type of money Obama has? He has our money. he personally has a lot of wealth, I'm surprised the way he feels about the wealthy that he hasn't donated it all to the needy. share some of that social justice......

08/10/11 7:05 am

who has the most power? think about it from their perspective, your more likely to keep votes if you can appeal to other parties, rather than just 1. and you ARE working for the ppl by appealing across the aisle maybe not to YOUR liking, do I agree w/ it? EH; but think from all perspctvs 1st

08/10/11 7:01 am

i'm sure a lot of you would feel differently if you were in the position of the president, and I'm sure a lot of you would feel differently if you had the type of money he has...Yet I have observed a lot of you contradict yourselves over and over w/ these diff questions and it's sickening!

08/08/11 2:02 pm

@dsfini02..... Yes F obama lol

08/08/11 2:01 pm

Should appeal to the ones who elected you that's how you got the most votes to win so you have to do what you said you were gonna do that's why you was voted in

08/07/11 5:01 pm

bah! of course the precious independents care most about across the aisle.

08/07/11 3:30 pm

I hate this question. It shouldn't be about appealing to people. It should be about doing what is right for the nation! It's the presidency not a celebrity contest!!!!

08/06/11 8:52 am

hands down; I think you are looking for the professional poll this is were people express their opinions, wise up!

08/06/11 8:42 am

ok genius I'm asking

08/05/11 11:25 pm

People who have no clue about economics are arguing here. There are some people who know, but sadly, none are here. Cutting taxes (or any other governmental decision regarding economics) can have many immediate and long term results - what exactly are they? Ask a professional - please stop arguing!

08/05/11 10:20 pm

@RiseUp... thats EXACTLY what I was thinking.

08/05/11 9:29 pm

there have been a lot of us out here in fly over country saying it's time to hit the brakes for years! I truly think all politicians are crooks and need to be fired ASAP!

08/05/11 9:26 pm

absolutely could not agree more! I think you will hear a lot of tea party people say " I told you so" now that our credit rating has been. down graded. sx

NYevo NY
08/05/11 8:42 pm

@Jopat: I was around. And Just because folks want lower taxes, doesn't mean it's wise to do it at the detriment of out debt. We should have continued in the direction towards surplus until debt was gone. You can't say that we shouldn't have. The national debt is public and a weight on us all.

08/05/11 8:34 pm

do over; there are emergent funds for national emergencies. what bush and the democrats failed to do was implement a war tax, bad policy on everyone's part.

08/05/11 8:32 pm

NYevo; were you around at this time? people felt over taxed and wanted tax cuts. at the time debt to revenue was doable.

08/05/11 8:06 pm

@jopat you fail to control for independent variables.

RiseUp Minnesota
08/05/11 7:48 pm

Everyone says "aisle" until they get elected.

NYevo NY
08/05/11 7:36 pm

Can the partisan unite to fix? I really hope we come together as this is not good

NYevo NY
08/05/11 7:34 pm

Wholly Sh-t!!! S&P just downgraded our credit. Oh no!

08/05/11 7:32 pm

should have said growth not troth......geeezzzz!

NYevo NY
08/05/11 7:31 pm

@Jopat: we still had a national debt (can't recall) around 6 trillion when they cut the taxes, so clearly they did not have as much money as was needed. A debt, needs to be paid.

08/05/11 7:30 pm

unfortunately when it was time to redue the Bush tax cuts we found ourselves in a deep recession. common sense you don't take money out of the people's hands during times of negative troth. American consumers are what drives this economy.

08/05/11 7:28 pm

Bush cut taxes in 2003. The economy was fine until democrats took control of the House in 2007. The Bush tax cuts were small (39.6% to 35%) and 10 million of the lowest wage earners no linger had to pay any federal income taxes. Reagan drastically cut taxes and look how the economy boomed. Facts

08/05/11 7:28 pm

NYevo; you seem to forget the two wars and the unfunded prescription plan that cost billions. when congress sees they are going to take in more money then they need they can't just hang on to it. it's your money and mine. that was why they did it based on ten years.

NYevo NY
08/05/11 7:23 pm

Bush cut taxes just as we began to get deficit spending under control. Where has our economy gone during this time? They're still in place and the economy still sucks. What is it about our experience over the last 8 years of tax cuts that leads you to believe that it leads the nation to prosperity?

08/05/11 7:01 pm

history has proven that raising taxes in a recession prolongs the recession see FDR for stats.

08/05/11 7:00 pm

the thing that is stupid is mandating regulations through presidential orders. using the EPA to backdoor cap and tax.

08/05/11 6:37 pm

you can google this if you like, while Reagan was president from 1980 to 1984 revenue to the treasury doubled from 266 bil to 466 bil. numbers don't li....

08/05/11 6:35 pm

you cannot ell me thatnif given the opportunity Americans unlike most countries do start businesses which spurs economic growth and tax revenue to the treasury. I take it you think printing money is the way to go?

08/05/11 6:27 pm

@jopat the right has reduced everything to such absurd simplicity. Tax cuts are supposed to magically raise revenue and grow the economy. That's just stupid. You do realize that, don't you?

08/05/11 6:21 pm

Do over; sound fiscal policy is nonsensical. you are the one out in the water free your mind and listen to the voice of reason. those little voices you hear are in your own head....

08/05/11 6:18 pm

hands-down; I think you misunderstood what your read. put the word Democracy in the place of democrat.

08/05/11 6:11 pm

@jopat the issue is not some fine point of policy. It's that Republicos are taking utterly nonsensical positions across the board. Debating nonsense is silly. So, I'll stand here in the land and make noise. Come toward my voice. Once you're ashore, we can talk.

08/05/11 5:48 pm

@jopat: after a lot of research I find that democrats actually keep our government balanced, even though I feel that they have too much power  (ie what u said: socialism)

08/05/11 5:48 pm

@jopat: after a lot of research I find that the democrats actually keep our government balance, even though I feel that they have too much power  (ie what u said: socialism)

08/05/11 5:45 pm

@LuTang: an example: Obama promised things and got voted in. The day he steps into office he decides to "reach across" and do ten things that the republicans want. All of these will be against things he promised the people. I hope you understand what I meant  "the people voted YOU in for a reason"

08/05/11 5:22 pm

doover: do you ever discuss the issue or are you just trying to become a comedian with all of these juvenile one liners?

08/05/11 5:17 pm

thank GOD for this new evolution of republicans, that a majority in their state voted or. how else could you stop this evolution towards socialism!

08/05/11 4:51 pm

Just getting there slower.

08/05/11 4:50 pm

@jopat exactly! And that's why I don't blame Obama for being surprised by the horrible conduct of this new evolution of republicans.

08/05/11 4:50 pm

Archamedes......right on. That is so funny you said what you said today. I was just telling my wife this morning that it's all about power with BOTH parties. And how I'm really only voting now for the party that is taking us to socialism the slowest. The republicans want the same thing the dems do

08/05/11 3:48 pm

wow! did I just say that......? I must have read it in a fairy tail about millions of little nit-wits.

08/05/11 3:43 pm

I think most of us remember blue dog democrats right? I don't recall Reagan telling the other side to get to the back of the bus, or telling the loser of the election who had won

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
08/05/11 3:42 pm

I chose reach across the isle...........And Smack some sense into those morons.

08/05/11 3:40 pm

the truth of the matter people just want to be lead by someone that inspires, cheer leads is decisive. unfortunately we haven't had that from anyone for a long time and we sure don't have it now!

08/05/11 2:45 pm

The republican party represents the scared little nit-wit in all of us. Time to stop smoking what they're passing around. It's all voodoo economics and fantasy.

08/05/11 2:42 pm

@archamedes we're at the place where we need to grow our govt back up to the point that it can do the things we need it to do. You've got some sort of mental virus telling you otherwise. Maybe you caught it from Reagan.

NYevo NY
08/05/11 10:41 am

@Time4Tea: you are not going to make the republicans any more conservative than they already are, just like your not going to make liberals more conservative than they already are. Why not just split and be a real party?