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firefly5 the verse
07/31/15 10:06 pm

Wait... Are you getting married? I thought you were younger than that!

MeganEllis Middlesbrough, England
08/01/15 4:28 am

No my mam is and I'm choosing her dress

firefly5 the verse
08/01/15 5:07 am

Ah, okay. That makes more sense.

Ollie15 young conservative
08/01/15 6:18 am

Both dresses look nice

alynn Somewhere wonderful
07/31/15 5:24 pm

Both are just beautiful. I think the one on the left is just timeless...gorgeous!

Ollie15 young conservative
07/31/15 5:00 pm

I'd take either one... But always a sucker for blondes