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StilettoMiss July 28th, 2015 4:58am

Have you seen this Mexican construction worker's response to Donald Trump? It's pretty fantastic. Do you agree?

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DGroot America
08/01/15 2:43 pm

Does the writer of the article understand the difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant? I don't know anyone who is agains immigration.

rons Thanks America
07/29/15 12:38 pm

Illegals should not work here without a work visa.

suppressedID destiny is right now
07/28/15 9:27 am

I'm sure there were lots of British Trumps talking about those losers heading to the colonies.

RebelProud Bungholio
07/27/15 10:58 pm

That's great that this guy is a hard working legal immigrant. We need more people in this country like him. We need less who are coming here illegally and not paying taxes.

commonsense America isnt racist
07/27/15 10:28 pm

I'm sorry, is he here legally? If so, trump wasn't talking about him.