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curtron July 26th, 2015 2:28pm

Have you ever participated in a Spelling Bee? If so, do you remember what word you went out on?

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allswel Minnesota
07/26/15 9:58 am

Could have been my name. Thank God for spellcheck.

melders Entertainment Sometimes
07/26/15 8:54 am

Caterpillar. I used an e instead of an a as the second to last letter, realized immediately that I had misspoke, and wasn't allowed to correct myself. :(

curtron basement of the Alamo
07/26/15 9:31 am

That happened to me with my word. Forgot the second p in apprentice, immediately realized it, so I just decided to butcher the rest of the word.

twss trump is a garbage human
07/26/15 8:22 am

I was in spelling bees every year I was in elementary school. The only word I remember going out on was 'gardener'. I had a friend whose last name was 'Gardner' and I tripped up on that.

curtron basement of the Alamo
07/26/15 8:18 am

In a school wide spelling bee I got out on the word "apprentice".

afnj1 The TARDIS
07/26/15 7:50 am

No official spelling bees, but a few in some classes in back in high school. I won them all. 😊 What a nerd.

afnj1 The TARDIS
07/26/15 7:51 am

classes back in high school** 😂 Looks like I need to go back.