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Do you regularly put money into a savings account? (UQ)

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11/08/12 6:52 pm

Not as much or as often but we still do it

11/07/12 6:14 am

ING Direct,

11/07/12 1:04 am

$70 every pay day. its there for unexpected expenses like car repairs etc.

11/06/12 9:50 pm

wow, time to grow up! Want to be living off welfare?

11/06/12 5:06 pm

Pay yourself first! I put 10% into savings immediately. Even 10% of my birthday money gets saved. Teaching my daughter to do the same. She earns about $45/week and she saves $4.50. She is learning that a little bit quickly adds up...and doesn't even miss $4.50 a week!

swa North Carolina
11/06/12 1:46 pm

I also regularly take it out...

hippiedude fields of green
11/06/12 1:43 pm

What is this called? It would be great.

11/06/12 12:45 pm

Of course I did open a Key account and got an iPod touch and a Chase account and got $125. I think it worked out to be like 100% interest but who's keeping track.

11/06/12 12:43 pm

Yeah, you're right. Florida central credit union dropped their rate at the end of October from 4.09% to 3.25%. Sorry I should looked again before posting. Consumers Credit Union has checking at 3.09% if that is good enough.

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
11/06/12 10:58 am

I have a checking account, but I need to invest some soon

11/06/12 10:48 am

I have found that the term "regularly" is relative.

ryno Flyover Country
11/06/12 9:38 am

I would love to. But after the mortgage, utilities, insurance, and student loans there is just enough to buy some Ramon for dinner. I shudder to think of a scenario where I have to buy a car. I have learned to be a mechanic out of necessity.

Pragmaniac Hipsterville
11/06/12 8:35 am

But it just keeps coming right out again.

11/06/12 8:21 am

jbarNC, that's just dumb.

Alison Illinois
11/06/12 7:51 am

Americans need to stop spending every single penny they earn.

11/06/12 7:05 am

The bible days not to worry about tomorrow, so I am not going to worry about putting money into a savings account when I could die tomorrow and when I need the money today !!! Just sayin

11/06/12 6:23 am

401k, 529, regular ole emergency fund, vacation fund, car fund, etc

11/06/12 6:00 am

Half of every birthday and half of every christmas

11/06/12 5:46 am

I put half my pay in every payday.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
11/06/12 5:36 am

I read a study this summer that talked about this. 25% of Americans do not have any savings or emergency fund. Out of 18-29 year olds; 35% have none.

So, an overwhelming amount do not have any savings.

11/06/12 5:03 am

Wow. There's a lot of people that said "no"...isn't this a basic segment of a household budget? Even if you're putting away $10 per week, in a year that's $520. What if you get a flat tire, or a clogged drain? You should at least have a Dave Ramsey style "emergency fund" of $1000+ responsible!

gonzoboy Arizona
11/06/12 3:43 am

I'd prefer to be more consistent in making regular week-to-week deposits, but I stay more focused on feedin' the 401K. My problem with $aving$, is that I think I require and deserve everything I see but don't need. It's hard bein' fiscally good gonzoboy!

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/06/12 3:35 am

Yes we have several accounts. One with 1 years worth of living expenses. One for emergencies. One for each of the three kids, easier to keep track of what they are spending money on that way, and the two we use for living.

dogsaver new Jersey
11/06/12 2:38 am

I would if I had extra money!

peacenskis Alaska
11/06/12 1:55 am

Just as regularly as I take money out of it :(

Ratchet Ohio
11/05/12 10:48 pm

There is no checking account out there were you can really get a 4% interest rate

Ratchet Ohio
11/05/12 10:45 pm

Not as regularly as I take money out!

peacefullife Land of Moss
11/05/12 10:30 pm

I try to put 30% in every month, but it usually works out to 10-20%, as working for a non-profit and owning a small business doesn't lend itself to large account balances...

11/05/12 10:07 pm

I don't. My husband does, I think. He took the checkbook from me because I was spending too much. I don't mind, less stress for me and I shop less since I don't know how much money we have.


11/05/12 9:59 pm

Do it playa!

lmurder MDK
11/05/12 9:38 pm

I put in 25% every month. Even though I'm set, I live off my income to look better and to feel better.

11/05/12 9:32 pm

I stopped after a while. I did when I had a part-time job and then my grad money was put in there but after that nothing really big.

11/05/12 9:29 pm

The question should be: do you regularly take money out of savings account?

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
11/05/12 9:29 pm

I signed up for a program that every time I use my card it rounds up to the nearest whole dollar and applies the difference to my savings account.
I never miss the "spare change" but it adds up to allot over time.
I then invest at the end of the month.

ganelcecile Reno, Nv
11/05/12 9:27 pm

Yes a minimum of 30 a week automatically moved from account. Normally try to save my entire 2nd paycheck as well.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
11/05/12 9:26 pm

Unfortunately, I also regularly take it out...

11/05/12 9:19 pm

Why a savings account when there are a few high interest checking options out there? I'd rather make 2 to 4% on my money than what most savings accounts pay!

angiebrite Gallifrey
11/05/12 9:13 pm

$50 every month. It's not much but it's still saving for my future!

Rio76 Wild West
11/05/12 9:08 pm

We auto deposit one of our paychecks into savings, and live off the other paycheck.

Bulleiver Earth
11/05/12 8:59 pm

Got cc debt for first time in life cuz had to spend and haven't been saving since I last spent all my savings. I feel like I'm keeping this economy afloat all by myself!

Should be back on top and saving again prolly sometime shortly after Xmas :)

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
11/05/12 8:35 pm

No I invest in other things like guns, ammo, and gold

jae27 City of Angels
11/05/12 8:17 pm

Yes, I have "keep the change" from
b.of a. After every transaction a percentage goes into saving acc but I regularly have to dip into it

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/05/12 8:14 pm

Occasionally, but not regularly into a savings account with a Credit Union. Most "spare" cash goes into accounts for making money, TradeKing, DRIPs, etc.

huskermedic Cincinnati
11/05/12 8:13 pm

Each paycheck and I put some in an IRA.

thehopedivision Atlanta
11/05/12 8:06 pm

Regularly take it out, too!

11/05/12 8:03 pm

What money? Gas prices, rising utilities, rising property taxes all on a fixed income!