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bringstheeagle Colorado
03/22/15 8:06 pm

Unless you do you're likely not Christian.

steelcity Pittsburgh
03/23/15 6:59 pm

That was the point of this poll!

The affirmative response rate was higher than I expected.

arctostaphylos Ankh Morpork, New York
03/22/15 11:13 am

Struggle? Gosh no! I embrace it, dive in, and make friends with it.

theW0lf Leader of the Pack
03/22/15 6:59 am

...everybody does whether they admit it or not

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/22/15 5:05 am

Yes. We all do. It manifests itself in many ways. Anger, selfishness, greed, gluttony, worry, anxiety, adultery, fornication, homosexuality. The list goes on and on.

commonsense America isnt racist
03/22/15 8:45 am

You just told me that sin is not obeying the Ten Commandments.

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/22/15 11:27 am

The 10 Commandments are the Laws by which everyone will be held accountable on judgment day. Breaking one of those is sin but Sin is not limited to the 10 Commandments.

Ebola1 Florida
03/22/15 12:08 am

No, but I dated her once.

EarlyBird Portland
03/21/15 11:46 pm

I don't sin and I'm not even religious!

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/22/15 5:03 am

We ALL SIN. The problem is, you are blinded by it. Sin is like bad breath. Everyone around you is aware of it except for yourself. You can't deal with it until you admit it.

droo Santa Barbara
03/21/15 11:23 pm

No, because there is no sin.

ronderman North Carolina
03/22/15 5:29 am

Of course there is. Sin is defined by doing something even if you know it is wrong. God doesn't have to be a factor.

You can sin against people too.

cpaswr just say the letters
03/21/15 11:07 pm

No. We get along nicely.

03/21/15 9:38 pm

Yes, and the results will be altered because of the voters that don't believe in "sin".

commonsense America isnt racist
03/21/15 8:54 pm

Is there a list I can see? I don't know them all.

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/22/15 5:07 am

Google the 10 Commandments. If you have kept all those you are a good person. Broken even one, you will need Jesus as your mediator in Judgment Day.

commonsense America isnt racist
03/22/15 8:44 am

So it's not a sin to masturbate?

GlockMan1 Alabama
03/22/15 11:30 am

Would you do it in front of your mother?