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Christian1459 March 21st, 2015 10:19pm

Now this video... Ha... Let me know what you think mainly of the lyrics. (CAUTION: nudity). If any Christians check the video out, let me know in comments what you think.

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ronderman North Carolina
03/23/15 10:35 am

I liked the sound but not the lyrics. I've always been a fan of Slash though.

The video really was terrible.

synthetikeyes East Bay
03/21/15 9:28 pm

I'm a Christian. I wasn't offended. Not really fan of metal (more into punk and industrial). Lyrically I don't think it was very inspired, but I feel like it was an expression of the numbness of over stimulation and depression - which I relate to.

03/21/15 7:23 pm

There's nothing insightful there. It's just the rambling of an angry teenage mind mistaking offensive imagery for art.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/21/15 7:04 pm

Over done for shock value. But it has nothing substantial to offer.

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
03/21/15 7:04 pm

Should have said AND it has nothing to offer.

gallae Michigan
03/21/15 6:16 pm

Not a fan of the music, not a fan of the video.

WildRice With a side of sass
03/21/15 4:03 pm

There was absolutely nothing about that video that I liked

twss trump is a garbage human
03/21/15 5:46 pm

Samesies. Not even good music. Sorry, Christian 😔