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Cotonmom March 20th, 2015 8:15pm

Do you believe low voter turnout is due to citizens being lazy or having no means to get to the polls, or citizens having no faith in our elections, believing their vote doesn't count.

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DonWichita Kansas
03/21/15 10:13 am

Lazy & no faith, but never, "no means".
There are many who will do all the work needed to get your vote in for you. No excuse accepted except being lazy.

jvc1133 61535
03/21/15 9:34 am

Take a luck at SoH, extremes are more apt to comment. Ave content to read.

bringstheeagle Colorado
03/20/15 4:38 pm

This is not a new problem - the American people have always been and shall remain "functionally apathetic". A quote I stole from one of my all time favorite Political Science Professors. Not exactly but close enough. Perhaps it will change but I

03/20/15 4:34 pm

They just don't care
Most polls are close anyway and I'm sure if you really wanted to vote im sure someone can give you a ride

nnifer Alpha Quadrant
03/20/15 2:22 pm

My sister probably doesn't even know who our current president is. She just has no interest whatsoever. I think this is the case for many.

03/21/15 4:34 am

I think most people know who the president is, but I agree with your overall point.

smarttexan More Moderate Than U
03/20/15 1:27 pm

I think lazy and no transportation are really different things. Also, apathy is different than no faith. It's really apathy.

03/20/15 1:31 pm

Yes that's why I said lazy or having no means. I wanted to include having no way to get to the polls because I do truly think that is the case sometimes. I didn't mean it to sound like they were being lazy because they couldn't get there.

03/20/15 1:53 pm

I agree. It's apathy and things never change for the better no matter who is elected.

03/20/15 1:17 pm

I do still vote in every election. However, I believe our government has sold its people down the river to the highest bidder.