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d6410 March 20th, 2015 3:57am

X company is sponsoring a program called "move out". It guarantees you a good job + legal residence in another country, but you have to give up your US citizenship. Do you take it?

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NealSavage California
03/20/15 3:26 pm

America is a shithole, so, of course I'd take it.

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/19/15 11:19 pm

Well I'm not a citizen yet, permanent resident, but If I were I wouldn't

MrLucchese If curious, ask.
03/19/15 11:18 pm

That depends on the country and how much I'm making.

d6410 Texas
03/20/15 4:58 am

Any country you want, making a middle class income but with room for advancement

chinito Florida
03/19/15 8:59 pm

No fricking way