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Arananthi March 16th, 2015 2:13am

"I just think people need to make a living wage with health benefits. It also puts more money back into the economy and creates a healthier country. It's really that simple."

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TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/15/15 9:45 pm

Costco is the best store ever. No comeback to that.

TheIndian Virgo Supercluster
03/15/15 9:45 pm

and you have to admit, love the free samples

DGroot America
03/15/15 8:04 pm

That's great that Costco is able to do this. My neighbor works for Costco and has nothing but good to say about the company. The reason an economist wouldn't say this is because it's just not practical for all businesses.

Ebola1 Florida
03/15/15 7:58 pm

They should and the ACA has set that goal back. Hopefully with a new administration we can rectify that.

Arananthi Literal Ninja
03/15/15 9:54 pm

The ACA has set what goal back how now?

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
03/15/15 7:49 pm

Most CEOs do think this way,
They want to attract & keep the best staff possible.

Unfortunately, the customers demand lower prices & the competition gladly provides it.

MadCow Kansas Proud
03/15/15 8:27 pm

So the competition's CEOs don't think this way.

Maj Worth Economist
03/15/15 9:33 pm

If you're one company, and your competition doesn't think this way, doesn't that mean that mathematically, it's impossible to say most CEOs think this way?

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
03/15/15 9:57 pm

Logically yes if all things are equal but they never are.
In my case specifically, most of the competition is from Mexico & china. However, many of us compete with individuals that don't have our costs.

rbrown Kansas
03/15/15 7:38 pm

I love this guy!

Maynard Londor
03/15/15 8:21 pm

We're going to terror threat burgundy!!!

Casper Deep inthe Heart ofTexas
03/15/15 7:21 pm

I think everybody should have a living wage, food, transportation, education & healthcare without having to go to work every day.

That would totally eliminate the need for a good economy.

Arananthi Literal Ninja
03/15/15 9:55 pm

...said literally no one ever.

Arananthi Literal Ninja
03/15/15 7:19 pm

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek.

Axl752 Ontario
03/15/15 7:41 pm

If every CEO thought like that it would be amazing.

kermie gaytopia
03/15/15 7:42 pm

I wish I weren't so scared of Costco. I want to make love to it.

Maj Worth Economist
03/15/15 7:56 pm

Why are you scared of Costco?

kermie gaytopia
03/15/15 8:29 pm

Unreasonably massive carts. Cavernous aisles. Crazy people tackling each other to get in line for corn chip samples. Towering stacks of windshield wiper fluid that may topple onto me at any second.

Maj Worth Economist
03/15/15 9:35 pm


That's kinda funny because we started shopping Costco because it was so perfect for a kid. Massive carts, huge aisles with large products that can't be easily knocked over, samples to keep him busy... Odd how that works out. ;)

kermie gaytopia
03/15/15 10:02 pm

Yeah if I were a kid I would probably love it :)