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dramaschick November 13th, 2014 9:21pm

Would you be offended if you were told that you would be the perfect boyfriend/ girlfriend if you were a different race?

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11/14/14 4:55 am

Why would I care? A compliment is a compliment, and just because they aren't identical to me race-wise doesn't mean they can't be very attractive, or a very good+loving wife.
Well unless they were male, then they couldn't be a a loving wife.
But alas

11/14/14 2:58 pm

Oh wait I misread it, I thought it was talking about inter-racial relationships, not saying I should change my race XD
In that case, no, it isn't exactly a compliment.
Misread the question is all.

Torfin Never Behind
11/14/14 3:36 am

Not at all. I might be disappointed though. And even though I might not be perfect I am worth a try ;)

Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
11/14/14 2:12 am

Offended that somebody let a monkey out of a zoo and let it mingle with me. Especially since it started flinging poop.

11/14/14 4:54 am

Top tier-b8, guaranteed replies XD

11/14/14 12:08 am

Okay isn't personality supposed to be the only factor when dating someone? I mean someone may look nice now but if they're your soulmate they won't look the same when they're a grandma

typetype level 2 pretty
11/14/14 12:06 am

I'd be offended pretty much the same way id be with any other "why you've been rejected" statement.

11/13/14 11:28 pm

No. Most have their own personal preference. Why would I want to be with someone who prefers not to be with me? I would simply find someone who loves me for who I am, & I her. That has been my privilege for over 30 years.

jamichl Seattle
11/13/14 10:35 pm

Back handed compliment, of sorts.

Reagan84 Lakewood,Colorado
11/13/14 10:14 pm

I would be appalled at your blatant racism and ignorance,but not offended.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
11/13/14 9:45 pm

People have preferences, I certainly have mine, and if they don't find me appealing because of my race then so be it. We don't have much control over the "type" of people we find attractive.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
11/13/14 8:37 pm

Nah, I don't take offense that easily. Be more like 'What?'

Oboette17 Senioritis
11/13/14 6:48 pm

I would be offended, not personally, but for my race as a whole.

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/13/14 5:35 pm

I guess I feel like there are so many odd things people use as artificial barriers for dating. Job, Education, Accent, Hair Color, Weight, Height, Religion, Style, Athletic ability, etc etc.

willg basically Dulles Airport
11/13/14 5:37 pm

That I wouldn't be offended by race being my disqualifier anymore than anything else. I think being rejected on any criteria is telling of the person, but at the same time we all have preferences.

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
11/13/14 5:33 pm

when I was younger I def would have been. however, luckily as I've gotten older I'm able to internalize other people's shortcomings less and less.

I hope you realize this is about them, not you, even though it was directed at you.

LadyBug237 Florida
11/13/14 11:15 pm

Well put^

bs75758 Michigan
11/13/14 3:49 pm

I definitely wouldn't associate with that person anymore. If my race isn't good enough for you to date then you're not good enough of a person for me to be friends with.

jimiscott Survivor
11/13/14 3:57 pm

Well said.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/13/14 3:16 pm

You mean as in a dog or a cat? Yeah I think I would be a little offended.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
11/13/14 3:03 pm

Disappointed maybe, but not offended. Just another one not worth my time scratched off the list.

dramaschick All ways in my head
11/13/14 2:25 pm

I was recently told this and at first I didn't take offense to it because I figured "to each his own" but then thinking about it if I am what your looking for with exception of color why would that matter.

jimiscott Survivor
11/13/14 2:55 pm

That's crazy! I'd take you out in a heartbeat!

spring27 California
11/14/14 4:07 am

That's unacceptable, and yes I'd be offended. I would limit my interaction with that person moving forward. They've revealed quite a bit about themselves with that statement.