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RINOTom October 27th, 2014 7:18pm

Imagine which of the two main political parties that you MOST lean toward; could you ever see yourself crossing party lines in a federal election?

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FLAmerican Pensacola
10/28/14 11:12 am

I vote for State Democrats, and support Senator Manchin, so if a Southern Democrat ran against a Moderate Republican Id probably vote Democrat.

blitz6799 Chicagoland
10/28/14 9:46 am

I do this often, though I admit that my votes in 2012 all went to 1 party. It wasn't intentional, but I've tried exposing myself more to the other sides view. I don't think it's having an effect though....

RINOTom Peoria, IL
10/27/14 3:51 pm

I could see myself voting for a moderate, pro-business Democrat over someone like Huckabee or Santorum. Other than that, I probably care too much about fiscal issues to vote Democrat anytime soon, even if I "unenthusiastically" vote for the Repub.

bethanyq Ess Eff
10/27/14 12:53 pm

I have voted for candidates from both parties in the past. No reason I couldn't in the future, as long as the candidate is someone I believe has good goals and sensible means of accomplishing them.

political Georgia
10/27/14 12:34 pm

I can't imagine democrats putting up a decent candidate. However, if the match-up was Scott Brown vs John Barrow, I would vote for Barrow. That much up will never happen.

krayzewolf New Hampshire
10/27/14 12:33 pm

Yes. I'll personally vote for who I think is the best candidate regardless of party affiliation or peer pressure.