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InspectorSpooky June 12th, 2014 2:56pm

Do you view nihilism as a philosophy to avoid?

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Maynard Londor
06/12/14 7:46 pm

The only people I can think of that should avoid this philosophy, are those people that like to take things to the extreme. Like someone who thinks, "Nothing matters, so I just won't do anything, or try to find my own meaning in life."

Maynard Londor
06/12/14 9:20 pm

I guess technically I'm a Nihilist, but I don't let that stop me from wanting to get an education; to fall in love; to start my career; to help others. Just because there is no objective meaning to life, doesn't mean life still isn't worth living.

06/12/14 9:21 pm

Nihilism is the belief that everything is pointless. I think you'd actually be an existentialist :)

06/12/14 9:23 pm

Sorry about that. You're the only person who can identify your beliefs, I guess. My philosophy teacher just drilled the difference between nihilism and existentialism into us so much that now it's a pet peeve when people use nihilism when they mean

Maynard Londor
06/12/14 9:25 pm

Oh...haha I understood nihilism as a lack of meaning altogether, in any aspect of the Universe. And I understood existentialism as a lack of meaning to human life, or life in general. At least that's cleared up then.

Maynard Londor
06/12/14 9:27 pm

Nah, I don't mind. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I'd rather someone knowledgable call me out, than to go on believe something that isn't true. So yes, I'm existentialist and a materialist.

06/12/14 4:17 pm

Technically, nihilism isn't a philosophy. It's a response to existentialism.
But you should still try to avoid it :)

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/12/14 9:14 pm

Isn't all philosophy a response to the last? Philosophy means love of wisdom. Nihilism can be viewed only in an existentialist response but it also has taken on a worldview of its own.

06/12/14 9:26 pm

It is a worldview within the philosophical umbrella of existentialism. I'm weirdly obsessive about the difference between nihilism and existentialism. Sorry. :)

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/13/14 2:34 pm

There is fine line with existentialism and nihilism but I was keeping this poll fairly simplistic. Just talking about nihilism and if it's a worthwhile path.

Would you mind giving your reason why nihilism should be avoided?

bringstheeagle Colorado
06/12/14 11:53 am

Okay so you don't like Wikipedia? Another source. You decide if you like it or not. I know it's not for me.

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/12/14 12:27 pm

Thank you for posting links. It may be important to say I was not asking about if people agreed with it or not. Some think that nihilism is a philosophical dead end, almost like solipsism.

bringstheeagle Colorado
06/12/14 12:46 pm

Forgive me if I misunderstood or distorted your meaning. It was my intent to define it and say in my view it should be avoided in answer to your question.

InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/12/14 2:39 pm

It's all good, my wording is probably confusing. I might be trying to ask a complex question in too few words.

Could you say why you would avoid it?

darthezu Philly
06/12/14 8:47 am

Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.

06/12/14 8:28 am

I believe there are many grey areas in the definition of nihilism. It's hard to say that all of it should be avoided for that all of it should be accepted.