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Show Of Hands June 8th, 2014 4:18pm

We'll be running a World Cup bracket contest, starting with the first World Cup game Thursday. Follow SOHMadness to pick the winners and see the leaderboard updates. Rules and prizes will be posted in the blog Monday.

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cowboy Doors of Perception
06/10/14 5:54 am

Let me guess. Some socialists from a shit hole of a country will win at kick ball.

wesman55 Tennessee
06/13/14 7:06 pm

Yes because a organized sport is always kickball you dumbass

cowboy Doors of Perception
06/13/14 7:07 pm

No just soccer asshole.

Despair Sac the City of Trees
06/08/14 10:42 pm

This is about sports when I have those type polls disabled until football starts again. Interesting. I'm guessing this under announcements too for some reason?

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
06/08/14 10:37 pm

I won the NCAA bracket, so I'll give someone else a shot here ;)

angstanon San Diego, CA
06/08/14 7:41 pm

Did Scotland get in? No? Then back to stalking the Russian women's curling team.

LucentInsanity Seattle
06/08/14 6:01 pm

The worlds greatest sport! USA all the way!!

omagabi Surf City
06/08/14 4:59 pm

I predict that Brazil is going to win the inaugural.

KellenK Colorado
06/08/14 4:47 pm

Bleh this still wouldn't get me to watch all that soccer

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
06/08/14 4:59 pm

I won't watch soccer either. But it is fun to play. I pick based on the names of the teams or their team colors or whatever.

06/08/14 5:01 pm

@smiley And the guys are not bad to look at either. Italian squad, am I right?

tazmo72 Austin
06/08/14 4:13 pm

Who cares, it's soccer? Yeah for ties!!!

omagabi Surf City
06/08/14 5:06 pm

Overtime and shoot outs after the group play is over.

Swarley utah
06/08/14 9:18 pm

So we have to wait before we don't have to put up with ties?

elcondor Rural Southern Indiana
06/08/14 3:14 pm

It's still only soccer, right?

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
06/08/14 2:11 pm

It's soccer,yech

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/08/14 12:35 pm

Thanks for making it from a separate user.

crewsmissle Florida
06/08/14 12:10 pm

Thank you tony for this!

ThePhlegm The Lone Star State
06/08/14 11:26 am

USA, I'm sorry to say, doesn't look like it's getting past the first round. Portugal is very good. Ghana is good, I think better than us. Germany, even without one of their best players will should beat us.
We will need our whole team to be great!

06/08/14 1:06 pm

I don't know, yesterday's match against Nigeria gave me hope. The US played well.

kreich1990 A Galaxy far...far away.
06/08/14 2:40 pm

The US team is more than talented enough to advance out of the group stage. That, and they got a favorable draw in getting Germany in the last game.

06/08/14 4:58 pm

Isn't Portugal missing Ronaldo too? I thought he got injured in a friendly so even better odds for us.

kreich1990 A Galaxy far...far away.
06/08/14 11:57 pm

I think Ronaldo will be back in time. But Portugal tends to play average internationally these days.

06/08/14 10:48 am

Soccer sucks

06/08/14 5:04 pm

Come on, just because you don't understand it or like it doesn't mean it sucks. It's a different sport, I don't like American football mainly because I don't understand the rules and can't stand all the commercials but it doesn't mean it sucks. IMHO.

06/08/14 6:17 pm

I understand the basics of soccer and find it extremely boring. Baseball>Football>Basketball>Soccer are the four major sports from greatest to least imo

rons WOKE is sick
06/08/14 10:00 am

Maybe if they changed the name to Futball we'd show an interest. Soccer sound so little kidish!

chinito Florida
06/08/14 10:56 am

Futbol or Football. Futball is a made up word.

rons WOKE is sick
06/08/14 11:47 am

Ok, look it up in the Urban dictionary.

drunk ill be Bach
06/08/14 9:36 am

I don't know how successful that will be. Americans and soccer go together like ice cream on pizza

06/08/14 5:08 pm

MLS is the fastest growing sport in the US, you guys have a decent team (Rapids) that has a lot of followers. My Sounders matches draw in 30K minimum spectators at home.
Ice cream on pizza must be delicious, should try new things once in a while :)

crewsmissle Florida
06/08/14 7:01 pm

MLS will rival MLB in 5 to 10 years. Guaranteed. Potentially 4 new teams in three years. Beginning to develop a real promotion and relegation pyramid scheme. It's only a matter of time. More money more TV time. It's happening.

presrvd Phoenix
06/08/14 10:29 pm

Hey! I like ice cream on pizza.....and I still don't like soccer. I'd rather watch paint dry.

political Georgia
06/08/14 9:32 am

I don't know much about soccer, but I will play!

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
06/08/14 9:32 am

Argentina wins it all. That is my prediction. Completely unbiased, of course. ;-)

chinito Florida
06/08/14 9:27 am

I'll try. But I will be in Brazil!!!!

Tony SOH Founder
06/08/14 9:39 am

Have fun and be safe. The place looks like a madhouse.

chinito Florida
06/08/14 9:55 am

Look for me in the TV. I will be the guy holding a "Play SoHMADNESS" board!

chinito Florida
06/08/14 10:58 am

U se
S oH
A pp

DrReid Ever present.
06/08/14 9:21 am

Can we have it comment here to make it easier to follow. I have problems with the search function...

missmorganmarie ...
06/08/14 2:44 pm

I also have problems with the search function. I can never find the poll and by the time I do, the voting is closed :(

omagabi Surf City
06/08/14 5:04 pm

It's case sensitive. Search under people.