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InspectorSpooky Deep Underground
06/08/14 10:12 pm

She is good with patterns. Is the one on the right a still life? I can see her starting to contour, exciting times!

musiman28 Cotton country
06/09/14 5:02 am

Yes, it's done based on a photo of shells, totally pencil.

soupyquinn Jr. nuke tester
06/06/14 9:16 pm

Tbh, I liked the pics yesterday better. I'm not into abstract painting/drawing. Though I also recognize they have talent behind them.

musiman28 Cotton country
06/07/14 4:51 am

These are ones she had to do in her art class at school. As I said, she liked seeing the response, I'll probably put up some more like the first soon because she likes to draw those more.

chickencookie disgusted
06/06/14 8:18 pm

Left looks like gingerbread man. I like the colors better.

musiman28 Cotton country
06/06/14 7:29 pm

More of my daughters artwork. She enjoyed seeing what people thought of the ones I posted yesterday.