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gonzoboy June 4th, 2014 12:08pm

If someone you know at work were to go on a murderous shooting spree, or 'go postal', do you think you'd be someone targeted, or someone this deranged person would just look at and walk by, as they continued their rampage?

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gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/06/14 11:59 pm

ummmm, so...
why ya lookin' at ME with that vacant, crazy-eyed look??...
Ruh-Roh, maybe you wanna put that thing dow

DavesNotHere where am I
06/07/14 3:45 am

Too late...

~. .~

presrvd Phoenix
06/05/14 6:37 pm

I'd probably be targeted, just because I tend to be somewhat abrasive.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/06/14 5:57 am

Well, presrvd, let's jus' say this could work FOR you! Believing your abrasive tendency might trigger some hothead to target you, be proactive and carry! When you see this goofball comin' atcha, take'm out! We all thank you in advance! :D

06/04/14 8:29 pm

It could either way

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/05/14 7:02 am

If the outcome could go either way, I choose to think it goes the good way!
Happy Thursday, Miss Bliss! ☺️

Goldiemol dry side of WA
06/04/14 8:12 am

I could go either way. I speak my mind and don't hold back when I think something needs to be said but it has normally gone well with people who need to hear the truth. I've referred people on to counseling. If their going off I might be a target.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 10:57 am

Goldie, I like that! It's difficult to know how any one individual will react.
But one such as you, who speaks with directness, purpose, truth, and courage, just MIGHT be the recipe for one to be bought from a dark place, into a moment of lucidity!

Goldiemol dry side of WA
06/04/14 7:35 pm

Thank you for the kind words Gonzo

EarlyBird Portland
06/04/14 5:54 am

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be targeted.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 6:50 am

I fully concur. Besides, these types of crimes NEVER occur in the early AM, your primary window of activity! :D
*breathes deep sigh of relief*❤️

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/04/14 5:52 am

I miss read the question. I have hard time not to stop chatting. They would choose to kill me to shut me up.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 7:00 am

Dearest Tops, what you consider your possible downfall, might prove to be our blessing. I could see you talking down the most hardened perp. And in the end, you not only save yourself, but all of us along with you. Thank you! :D

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/04/14 5:49 am

The owner. And a couple of members get a lot of people up set.

06/04/14 5:40 am

I think they'd walk by but who knows.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 7:11 am

You? Heck yeah, they walk by! My chivalry is now at full alert: Jus' one crossways glance, and they'll get themselves twisted off!
(I carry!) :D

06/04/14 7:54 am

I'm glad to know I'm protected and thank you for remaining chivalrous in a cruel world. :)

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 5:16 am

O' course I'm gonna go with "Why not me?", to get into my own poll!
Folks, I hope this doesn't upset or offend anyone. If so, lemme know, and I'll refrain from such macabre topics. It popped into my head, and 30 seconds later I dropped this poll!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
06/04/14 5:50 am

Good morning my friend. Nothing wrong with asking that at all.

chickencookie Biden crime family
06/04/14 5:14 am

Whats going in Gonzo? Two polls in two days? I would be the first one shot because I would be shaking so hard they would want to shut me up. Innocent bystander for sure.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 5:51 am

Hi Cookie Girl! Dear heavens, mowed down jus' fer "shaking so hard"?! No way! Even the hardest-core would take pity, and pass by. Your nerves end up being your saving grace!
Here's some relaxing tea, as I sip on a cup o' my famous java! ☕️

chickencookie Biden crime family
06/04/14 5:53 am

I would have a heart attack before he raised his gun. Either way I die.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 6:28 am

Not so fast, Chicken...
"Move away folks, we have a Cookie down and it appears to be cardiac arrest! I'll start CPR! Quick, break open that cabinet and hand me the defibrillator, STAT!" :D

Kay41 the Midwest
06/04/14 5:11 am

Depends. One person in particular that hates me (because she is a bully and I stood up to her) and I would be the first to go. Some others think I am a "goodie two shoes.". Hopefully though, most people would walk by.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 7:06 am

"Hates" is a strong word, and strong motivator in the most negative sense. This is troubling. If I could, without so much as a thought, I would be your GonzoShield! :)

Kay41 the Midwest
06/04/14 7:43 am

She is the first true bully I have had to deal with...and she is an adult! She made fun of my appearance everyday (clothes, hair) and told lies about me to other people. She did this to several people. I put her in her place and showed everyone who

Kay41 the Midwest
06/04/14 7:47 am

she really is. Now she is jealous because I am a leader in my school and others know me to be the professional that I am. (Sorry to sound vain!)

But, I couldn't allow you to be my shield. We need you in this world to brighten everyone's days!! ❤️

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 10:48 am

I'd conjecture this referenced individual was jealous of you LONG before your leadership skills were officially recognized.
It seems folks are want to highlight perceived flaws in others, lest the white-hot spotlight o' truth exposes their own...

gonzoboy Northern AZ
06/04/14 10:49 am

It's unfortunate these types will choose good folks like you to attempt to take down. But given time, they inevitably become their own enemy and expose who they really are.
And thank you dearest Kay, for such a sweet compliment!❤️