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soupyquinn June 2nd, 2014 3:53am

Rerunning question. Now with link! Do you get most of your electricity from coal?

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RossDMands Miami Township, OH
06/03/14 3:19 am

From the link you provided, my region/electric company doesn't provide that info. However, I know which power plants provide our electricity, and Yes: It comes from Coal.

grondini Mainer in NC
06/03/14 1:42 am

Majority from coal (48.7%). Nuclear is a close second (38.2%).

mitchman399 Oregon
06/03/14 1:38 am

I get my powers from Earth's yellow sun.

Spartacus AUSTIN
06/03/14 1:36 am

All of my power is supplied through Hydro-electric.

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
06/03/14 1:12 am

Roll on Columbia, roll on. Your power is turning our darkness to dawn, so roll on Columbia, roll on! ;-)

dudley northern Virginia woods
06/02/14 6:26 pm

Magic, I think. We have plugs that are enchanted.

usernamehere Raise a little hell
06/02/14 6:25 pm

I apparently get nearly 40% from renewables and only 30-ish percent from coal.

rons Thanks America
06/02/14 5:46 pm

Shut down the coal plant now! Piss everybody off!

2katz I live in Nebraska
06/02/14 5:02 pm

65.3. Obama is an idiot. No, actually a traitor.

alek12 Orlando
06/02/14 2:10 pm

Natural gas is the biggest and then coal.

musiman28 Cotton country
06/02/14 4:17 am

Coal for me. My city has its own gas powered plants (2), but purchases most of its power from Xcell Energy, which has several gas and coal fired plants. Their is a large coal plant to the north west that provides power for a large portion

musiman28 Cotton country
06/02/14 4:20 am

Of this region. They had a problem many years ago and blacked out a fairly large part of Texas, up into Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. Just from that one plant.

musiman28 Cotton country
06/02/14 4:05 pm

No, but the two plants we have are actually pretty small and do not produce enough for our city.