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truantics June 2nd, 2014 1:26am

When you die, do you want your body to be buried or cremated?

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06/04/14 10:15 pm

donate my body to medicine, and give life to others! that's my immortality!

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
06/04/14 11:53 am

Roll me up and smoke me when I die

MisterE Conservistan
06/04/14 9:26 am

Cremated and stripped for spare parts, or cryogenically frozen. I haven't decided yet.

elusive Sactown
06/04/14 1:35 am

Don't waste space in the ground.

06/03/14 7:52 pm

I don't have any kids so there will be no one to visit a grave. Cremate me.

SmileyMoM Lab Rat Vampire
06/03/14 5:54 pm

The cost of a casket and the vault and digging the grave is ridiculous. I would rather give that money to my kids or something.

noahj96 North Carolina
06/03/14 3:57 pm

I want a viking funeral where I'm put on a viking ship, set ablaze, and pushed out to sea

shiculka transvaccinated
06/04/14 7:50 pm

I'd like that too!

RumpleForeskin Western NY
06/03/14 3:05 pm

Buried. I don't want to be embalmed, I don't want a casket, unless I must then I want a decomposable one, no cement poured into my grave around me. I wanna grow into a tree!

06/03/14 2:02 pm

Cremated, ashes in lockets for those who wish to carry me with them, and one locket hung in a cherry blossom tree in Japan right next to my wife's...

WhoAreYou Up In The Trees
06/03/14 10:34 am

Do not want to run the risk of waking up a zombie. Cremated definitely.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/03/14 9:09 am

What about pressed into a diamond to be worn by your loved ones?

thursday Kansas
06/03/14 4:28 am

Disposed of as cheaply as possible so my family can do something other than funeral expenses with my life insurance.

RossDMands Miami Township, OH
06/03/14 3:53 am

Taxidermied & displayed in public.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/03/14 9:09 am

Haha. That's a new one. I choose this. In an attack stance.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
06/03/14 3:33 am

Launch me into space. Push me back toward the earth to become a meteor in the night sky.

mitchman399 Oregon
06/03/14 2:01 am

The way to do it is a Viking funeral. Those things are legit.

Blunderbuss Dont blink.
06/03/14 1:28 am

I used to be squicked out by the idea of cremation. But as I age, I think I'm leaning that direction.

06/02/14 6:40 am is the way to go.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
06/02/14 1:11 am

Slightly unrelated, but your question made me think of this.

" When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.?"


One of my favorite quotes.

OhTheIrony Learning from you
06/02/14 1:13 am

To answer your question...

Burn me baby. I'd rather be ashes than rotting flesh eaten from the inside out by maggots.

presrvd Phoenix
06/01/14 10:41 pm

I don't really care. I'll be dead. I want to do a stint from "Weekend at Bernie's" and party out, then do whatever is cheapest.

06/02/14 6:41 am You can do good and not cost your family a penny at the same time.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/03/14 9:10 am

I would've guessed you would want to be preserved.

Rainey 633 Stag Trail Road
06/01/14 7:21 pm

Cremated and but in a bio urn so I can become a tree!

heyitskay Boston
06/01/14 6:39 pm

I really don't like the thought of either but if I had to pick cremated.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
06/01/14 6:33 pm

Buried. I can finally get some sleep!