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egglayer June 1st, 2014 9:30pm

I just hand washed my car for the first time in years. When you wash your car, do you it by hand or go to the car wash?

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WhoAreYou Up In The Trees
06/03/14 10:38 am

Do you let a machine was your kids? Or your puppy? I think not.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/03/14 9:12 am

Only I wash my car the right way. Hand wash always and forever.

DGroot America
06/03/14 6:40 am

Nice poll, I was just thinking of this as I hand washed and detailed my wife's car yesterday. I guess it's a hobby. Can't stand dirty cars. And it's a lot of work to keep them clean in Colorado.

06/02/14 7:17 pm

Hand. Gets it cleaner

TheeCourt Realville
06/02/14 7:17 pm

It was a family event this evening, for me and my girls.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
06/02/14 6:56 pm

Hand wash. It's the best way to check it closely for chips or other areas that need attention.

slickspin Heart of Texas
06/02/14 6:19 pm

I use to do it by hand. I discovered that life is too short to waste time things that don't matter. Drive through when needed. My last two cars sold for over bluebook and looked great!

jmw7477 Indiana
06/02/14 5:43 pm

My husband hand washes our vehicles.

mugendraco Alabama
06/02/14 4:30 pm

I used to hand wash it back in FL, but out here in TX it gets dirty almost on a daily basis. So I just have a monthly pass to an automatic car wash.

curtron basement of the Alamo
06/03/14 9:13 am

I don't even park by trees or plants and my car seems to be covered in pollen every morning. Hate it.

06/02/14 3:29 pm

Neither.......once a week at my local detail shop which hand washes. I can't imagine doing it myself, nor putting it through a car wash

rons Thanks America
06/02/14 3:19 pm

Do it by hand. It's my stress reliever! Wax on wax off!

anonymousmn Minnesota
06/02/14 2:53 pm

Machines in the winter, hand in the summer.

BrittneyBunny Maryland
06/01/14 6:54 pm

I usually do it by hand. However, when we sold my car, Swervin took me through my first car wash ever. It was pretty cool.

06/01/14 4:14 pm

Impressive! I wish I had that kind of dedication!

fredd TrumpLand
06/01/14 3:46 pm

By hand. I can do a thorough job and it keeps me aware of the condition of the paint etc.

06/01/14 4:15 pm

Yeah, I didn't realize how many scuffs and scratches are covered by grime!

LadyA Earth Explorer
06/01/14 3:00 pm

I'm 5'2 and drive an SUV. It takes a stepladder for me to reach a lot of areas. Car wash is easier.

itsOkay no longer answering here
06/01/14 2:42 pm

I don't do that anymore. I don't care enough about the improved results over automated washing to warrant the effort. :-(

jvc1133 61535
06/01/14 2:41 pm

Car wash, I make a terrible mess in everything I do

swjboucher Just Run
06/01/14 2:41 pm

In the summer by hand

itsOkay no longer answering here
06/01/14 2:44 pm

I haven't done that since I was a young devil dog, single, stuck on base on Saturday without anything to do or money to do it with.

swjboucher Just Run
06/01/14 2:53 pm

Ah yes those were the days. But now it's more relaxing just to be outside no one around and become one with the sponge in soapy water.