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HayleyS February 12th, 2014 1:38am

Do your belief about how the universe came to be combine God and macro evolution?

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HayleyS looking up.
02/11/14 6:40 pm


HayleyS looking up.
02/11/14 6:41 pm

I make such stupid, careless mistakes. I need to start making attention more haha

Zod Above Pugetropolis
02/11/14 6:48 pm

I hope you don't take it as me poking at you - I really don't worry much about typos and like your questions either way. I just didn't want to see you get grief for it (other than from me) or feel like you needed to take it down :)

HayleyS looking up.
02/11/14 6:50 pm

Oh no I really appreciate you telling me! I hate having typos in my questions... It drives me crazy when I notice it after it's too late.

So thank you again :)