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Rocker February 12th, 2014 12:43am

If you don't look out for yourself and take proper precautions to avoid dangerous situations, are you partially responsible if something bad happens to you?

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BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
02/12/14 1:29 am

Yes & no. If you knowingly put yourself in a bad situation, then yes you share some responsibility & need to learn from your actions & not do that again. That said, sometimes you can innocently or naively find yourself in a dangerous situation &

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/11/14 9:07 pm

Yes and no. Sometimes despite all your excellent planning, preparedness, and awareness, you can still be taken by surprise and not be able to react.

steelcity Pittsburgh
02/11/14 7:25 pm

Because I'm pretty sure this all trends back to IMO's rape question. The man is fully and completely guilty for his actions. The woman is irresponsible and not blameless, but not legally guilty

Rocker saved by grace
02/11/14 8:23 pm

It stemmed from that, but I was thinking of multiple situations.

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
02/11/14 6:59 pm

That's "contributory negligence." :o)

Rocker saved by grace
02/11/14 8:25 pm

There he is. I didn't you posting much tonight. Because of this, I will call nickname you "Lawman Laney." Sound good?

rickvee Living the dream
02/11/14 6:34 pm

If I was to walk around San Francisco after dark wearing assless chaps, I'm pretty sure I'd get raped...

swervin Maryland
02/11/14 6:30 pm

Leaving a wallet on your car seat and leaving the window down is an example of someone doing something idiotic and getting what they deserved. That person is responsible for getting their wallet stolen.

tdyakker lost
02/11/14 6:24 pm

Precautions or not there are bad people in this world who pray on others. Some who take precautions are harmed while some who take no precautions are never harmed. You can't always take steps for safety. We do our best and that's all we can do.

rickvee Living the dream
02/11/14 6:17 pm

Perfect example. GySgt Hartman finding a jelly donut in Pvt Pyle's unsecured footlocker.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
02/11/14 9:10 pm

He didn't take it did he? If so, I'd shame him for being unprofessional. Actually I'd do that to both for their actions. Neither stealing nor hiding food in your locker are particularly advisable.

rickvee Living the dream
02/11/14 9:12 pm

Hmm... That was a reference to "Full Metal Jacket", you must be too young to have seen it.

jvc1133 61535
02/11/14 5:47 pm

Stupidity is should not be an allowable cause for crime

chickencookie Merry Christmas
02/11/14 5:45 pm

A lot of things are out of our hands. "By the grace of God go I"