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DeusOrbus February 11th, 2014 2:59am

Is it repulsive for a group of people of any faith to prey on those who are terminally ill and attempt to convert them to their religion?

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cyanospool The Deep North
02/11/14 1:47 am

No. They see someone who is in danger and want to save them. Thoughtful sentiment, often bad execution.

RBecker17 The Sultan of Rum
02/10/14 10:38 pm

It's just people who hope others will find what they believe is the right path before death. They want them to experience the same things they experience. I would say it is a well intentioned and ultimately harmless gesture

susanr Colorado
02/10/14 8:53 pm

I'm not sure I'd say repulsive, because I know there are people who genuinely feel obligated to do this because of their beliefs, & feel they are doing good. I would not have to want to deal with them myself, though.

02/10/14 8:52 pm

I'd say so. I already think proselytizing, while it should be allowed, is somewhat offensive if done in certain ways, doing this would just be so manipulative its frankly bile producing.