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firefly5 February 11th, 2014 2:24am

Did you hear about the guy responsible for the Olympic ring malfunction being found stabbed to death in his hotel room?

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EnderWiggin So disillusioned...
02/10/14 10:28 pm

Current =\= Currant. I hadn't heard, but just looking at the source would have known.

bioarchnomad Michigan
02/10/14 8:52 pm

A coworker of mine posted this without realizing it was satire...

kelsey498 Colorado
02/10/14 8:41 pm

Is it bad then when I first read the headline I wasn't overly surprised?

jvberg Winter has Come
02/10/14 8:02 pm

well it is Russia after all........(I know it's a joke)

MarciS Formerly mjs83
02/10/14 7:56 pm

Glad I actually read the article. I might've believed it too.

ShadowSpectrum The Gloaming
02/11/14 2:04 pm

Same. Perhaps a reflection of our general view towards the country.. :p

Whichendisup uniquely unoriginal
02/10/14 7:29 pm

oh good grief! my eyes were about to bug out of my head until I read the article. NAUGHTY! :-D

firefly5 the verse
02/10/14 7:31 pm

Thought you'd like that one.

m00lightshadow the moon has returned
02/10/14 7:26 pm

Lol you silly silly boy you almost got me.

firefly5 the verse
02/10/14 7:27 pm

This was a big hoax. it got a lot of people.

firefly5 the verse
02/10/14 7:25 pm

It was a hoax. but an effective one.