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kscott516 February 4th, 2014 6:53pm

Politico: "CBO: Lower enrollment, bigger job losses with Obamacare." Problem?

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Bulldog74 California
02/04/14 4:07 pm

Why are democrats and the mainstream media acting like ObamaCare is really going to work as is? Unless they the left works with the Republicans to fix ObamaCare it will ruin our healthcare system. I think it's to late to repeal so we have to fix it.

chickencookie disgusted
02/04/14 1:29 pm

What a great idea this was!!
Millions will lose their jobs because of something that nobody wanted

think4yourself Not a safe space
02/04/14 3:15 pm

Have the liberals ever had an idea were the solution wasn't worse than the original problem?

jvc1133 61535
02/04/14 1:09 pm

Thank you sorry I forgot her much needed support

02/04/14 1:09 pm

He basically tripled the cost of small business in his own. That isn't working so well.

duey in a fools paradise
02/04/14 12:06 pm

Interesting they bumped up loss of hours so much it went from losing 800,000 jobs to 2.1 million by 2021. What a gigantic cluster.... well you know.

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/04/14 12:21 pm

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jvc1133 61535
02/04/14 12:54 pm

Gee,so reliable, dint she say read bill after approved

kscott516 Revelation 5 6
02/04/14 1:00 pm

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