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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/04/14 10:35 pm

57% don't know who Thomas Jefferson is.

skinner Jersey City
02/04/14 7:36 pm

That's difficult. I really admire MLK but Jefferson was such an inspiration.

peacechik approaching.infinity
02/03/14 11:01 pm

Tommy used to be my man. Until I realized he was a hyprocrite.

beanD California
02/04/14 12:04 am

In what way?

Skarface Banned
02/04/14 5:17 am

He was pretty adamant about the "all men are created equal" thing, but he owned slaves. So there's that.

beanD California
02/04/14 7:54 am

See my comment about Washington. What's more merciful: setting them free to get captured by someone else, or keeping them and treating them as well-loved servants? I'm sorry, those were the only two options.

Skarface Banned
02/04/14 1:51 pm

They could've banned slavery immediately, but they didn't even try, nor did they care for anyone other than white men.

skinner Jersey City
02/04/14 7:37 pm

Skar if they had tried to make slavery illegal at that point then the South never would have joined the Union.