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CodySTL October 29th, 2013 5:30pm

Is there a state in the Union that you absolutely dislike? If so, which one(s).

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CodySTL Southern Illinois
10/29/13 10:39 am

My home state. It's dominated by Chicago. I wish southern IL could secede and form a new state.

10/29/13 11:12 am

Just one? California, New York, Illinois.
And Rhode Island.
You know why, Rhode Islanders.
You know why

usernamehere Raise a little hell
10/29/13 12:49 pm

Every state has its redeeming qualities.

Kay41 the Midwest
10/29/13 11:46 am

The only reason I feel that way is because the Chicagoland area dominates election results. The rest of the state doesn't have a chance.

impeachtheman Top Secret
10/29/13 10:57 am

New York. especially the city you want to kill someone in NYC when your driving traffic is ridiculous!

usernamehere Raise a little hell
10/29/13 12:52 pm

But some have more than others, of course :)

jvc1133 61535
10/29/13 12:19 pm

A while back I had the pleasure of working with Chicago Unions it was an education

rickvee Living the dream
10/30/13 7:27 am

I think you've got TX and VT back asswards

rickvee Living the dream
10/30/13 7:28 am

Vermont because of the hardcore liberal elitist douchbas. Can we give Vermont to Canada? Pretty please with sugar on top...

lovethatreba living in paradise
10/29/13 3:58 pm

Vermont the most liberal state in the union

knetzere Illinois
10/29/13 8:57 pm

Agreed. We should build 80 and 39 up like 30 more ft and declare that corner the district of Chicago

restinghour Pennsylvania
10/30/13 4:04 pm

I think most of my dislike comes from the fact that we moved from a very small town to a huge city and the big city life is not my ideal, especially because it is a huge but very poor city. I'm not bitter at my parents, just the state! Haha

CodySTL Southern Illinois
10/29/13 12:14 pm

If it wasn't for the politics of Chicago, I'd love the state.

EarlyBird Portland
10/29/13 7:26 pm

Cuz they don't like wealthy white guys?

EarlyBird Portland
10/29/13 7:27 pm

Haha.. Don't hate. I had to say it :-)

10/30/13 2:27 pm

I concur with my fellow Illinoisans. Thankfully, I live just outside knetzere's parameters. :)

We're considering a move to AZ. If we go, I won't miss Chicago politics at all.

restinghour Pennsylvania
10/29/13 2:46 pm

Ohio, North Carolina, and California. I have no idea why I just don't enjoy them.
Also Pennsylvania but that's because I'm still bitter my parents moved us here when I was 7. It was the best decision they ever made financially, but I have resentment.

bmi444 Colorado
10/30/13 6:09 am

How do you hate a state? Is that a thing? I hate Florida because I hate the beach. I hate Oregon because I hate trees. I hate Colorado because I hate mountains. I hate Texas because too many liberals. I hate Vermont because of the republicans.

smithers13228 Sin City
10/30/13 8:01 am

California and New York are the big two on the top of my sh!t list

amanda6984 Massachusetts
10/31/13 1:03 pm

Rhode Island. It should be annexed to California.

keeper1722 lighthearted
10/29/13 9:46 pm

I tried using your username once. I also true 'usernameisalreadytaken' but I bet you can guess what popped up.

HondoBadger TN
10/30/13 6:36 am

Only steers and queers come from Texas

10/30/13 2:24 pm

Ouch. As a parent who has moved children from state to state, this concerns me. Especially since we are seriously contemplating another move to another state. We moved to IL from WI 3.5 years ago to be near family, but it was financial suicide.