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MJSeals October 27th, 2013 1:37am

So my Guidance counselor didn't email me the corrections I need to make on my college essays and they are due in 5 days. Has anyone ever forgotten to do something that ended up hurting you?

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truantics Connecticut
10/26/13 6:56 pm

I like this because you said "ham".

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/26/13 6:43 pm

No, I actually felt bad because I missed the deadline for transcript requests. I went to my guidance counselor 2 months later 2 weeks before they were due. She went ham finding the address and mailing those suckers out. She was amazing, and I still..

Komm No. I am your father
10/26/13 6:50 pm

But i did have a group partner who failed to show up to class on the day our group final presentation was due. And he had the flash drive with the finished version. So we had to ad lib it and use paper notes. Embarrassing.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
10/26/13 7:27 pm

My high school English teacher was rough. I wasn't in the group that did it but she said "cya. Cover your own ass. -20 points per day." They were bummed, but I bet they got the message then.

icytoes the tepid north
10/26/13 7:11 pm

Someone promised to help me polish my resume and the deadline was looming so I sent it in the way it was. Ended up getting the job, and she was pissed off at ME for not appreciating her (too late) input that she "spent a lot of time on"!!

leilu SoCal
10/26/13 9:39 pm

My admin messed up my hours when I dropped myself to part-time. His error caused me to get dropped from my insurance while 7 mo pregnant. It caused A LOT of stress, weight gain, and $3000 for Cobra.

zuko on deck
10/26/13 6:44 pm

My son's guidance counselor didn't know how to electronically submit her letter of recommendation, so she declined. It red flagged all his applications and might have cost him a scholarship. Fortunately, he received another scholarship and all is ok.

Komm No. I am your father
10/26/13 6:48 pm

I never used any of those services from the university i went to.

MrsLizT South Louisiana
10/26/13 7:53 pm

Similar thing happened with my friend's son & with some paperwork to Harvard. She went to the school the see if she needed to physically help those papers be expedited! Ridiculous!

raynin Texas
10/27/13 5:13 pm

This is part of personal responsibility and a good lesson for you. The only person you can count on is yourself.

fairness a coward dies 1000 deaths
10/26/13 7:28 pm

Bill pay once lost my mortgage check. They corrected the error and smoothed it over with my mortgage company. After afew lengthy phone calls

10/27/13 6:29 am

A gentle reminder/follow-up with the counselor would've been wise on your part.